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From Near Death to a Top Athlete
Courtney Verrill

Shaun Castle opens up about his near death experience, his recovery, and his journey as a professional and collegiate athlete.

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Desert Challenge Games

More than 300 athletes came through Tempe, Ariz., for the 2017 Desert Challenge Games recently. We had the chance to talk with first-time participant Katelyn McNamara who shared about her experience, injury and how adaptive sports helped her set new goals


What's more important, endurance or weight training?

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Photo of the week

Wheelchair racers zip past during the 2017 Desert Challenge Games in Tempe, Ariz. (Photo by Courtney Verrill).

May 2017 Table of Contents

Form & Function

Adaptive athletes demand a lot from their wheelchairs, and manufacturers are using lighter and stronger materials to meet those needs

You Think You Can Dance?

Wheelchair dancing offers a physical workout and provides fun, but the sport hopes to grow in the United States

Freedom Ride

A unique and free program from the United Kingdom comes to America and offers people with spinal cord injuries get up and ride specially adapted two-wheeled motorcycles

An Expanding Role & New Rules

A new name and significant changes are in place as the adaptive track & field season kicks off for 2017

My Opinion - Escaping For A Summer Scuba Trip

Trading the desert for the waters of the Florida Keys

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Outdoors - Motorin' on The Water

Kayaking and paddleboarding can be relaxing and therapeutic, and a California-based nonprofit is developing products that aim to help people with limited mobility get more out of the experience

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