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Wheels Up! Wrap Up

Meet the winners of this year's Wheels Up! Photo Contest

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SPORTS `N SPOKES art director Ann Garvey pours over images for upcoming issues of SNS. (Photo by Christopher Di Virgilio)

Landing the Cover

Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 3:41pm

How to land the cover of SPORTS `N SPOKES

Landing the cover of SPORTS `N SPOKES is no easy feat. With only six issues per year and countless sporting and recreational events to cover, the production schedule is extremely tight.

But there is another way to have your face on the cover of SPORTS `N SPOKES and that’s through the Wheels Up! Photo contest, taking place through September 14.

To help better understand what goes into selecting a cover photo, we went down the hall to visit the production department and see what they look for when choosing a cover for SPORTS `N SPOKES.

 “We look for photos that have that “wow” effect – something that brings the subject to the forefront, up close and personal, and pulls you in,” says S`NS Art Director, Ann Garvey. “An image that shows genuine emotion, action and has good color and composition makes the photos come to life – that’s what we like to see.”

You’re probably saying, “Who has time for all that?” Well, you do. In fact, many of today’s mobile devices and point and shoot cameras are all you’ll need to capture that winning photo provided you take some time to properly frame your shots.

What to look for in good quality and good composition photos –

Quality: The photos should be clear and in focus – not fuzzy, not grainy and not pixelated. They should have good, crisp detail and be rich in color and balance.

Composition: Your subject matter should be to the forefront, filling the area nicely, without unrelated clutter in the background. Too much background clutter can be distracting to the eye.

Area of Interest: This is the actual size of the cover photo after production finishes placing the image into the template. Photos should be at least 2513 x 3338 pixels, which provides the art department a print size of 8.375” x 11.125”.

Plan on keeping hold of your original, unaltered images should your picture be selected as a potential winner by our panel of judges.

There are myriad websites offering photo tips using mobile devices. The website iMore offers extensive tutorials on iPhone photography in their iPhoneography 101 section and the Digital Photography School has 12-tips to better phone photos. Just to name a few.

This year’s contest isn’t so much about accessible travel, but how you make your travel and events accessible. So, Wheels Up and let’s see what you got.


Think you're up to speed? Submit your contest photos here 


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Landing the Cover


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