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Wheels Up! Wrap Up

Meet the winners of this year's Wheels Up! Photo Contest

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2017 SNS Junior Athlete of the Year winnerJason Robinson competes at the 2017 Junior Nationals. (Photo by Christopher Di Virgilio).

Geared Up: Box Wheelchairs

Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 3:31pm

Building dreams is more than a saying for Box Wheelchairs creator

We’re stoked to have Box Wheelchairs onboard as the official 2018 SPORTS `N SPOKES Junior Athlete of the Year sponsor.

Box Wheelchairs has been a loyal friend to S`NS, but more importantly, they’ve been a friend to our fans. Their mantra of “building dreams” is more than a saying – it’s their foundation.

Box has been building custom-fit wheelchairs for our junior athlete winners for more than five years, and this year is no exception. Just ask Jason Robinson, our 2017 SPORTS `N SPOKES Junior Athlete of the Year winner. You can read Jason's story here.

Mike Box is the mind behind the magic. He began building wheelchairs after his brother was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident at the age of 17. When his brother couldn’t get cooperation from the manufacturer of his tennis wheelchair regarding adjustments, they decided to do it themselves. In 1992, Box left behind a career in the aerospace industry and formed his own wheelchair company.

His philosophy is, and always has been helping others, and there is no better way than to make a comfortable, durable wheelchair that fits the individual. Unlike wheelchairs that come off an assembly line, all BOX Wheelchairs are custom built and made to order – fitted with only the best parts and components.

Success is defined by teamwork, love and the ability to listen to concerns and challenges and then overcoming them. You don’t have to settle – there is no such thing as a standard BOX Wheelchair.

For more information, visit Box Wheelchairs online.


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Geared Up: Box Wheelchairs


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