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Art Torrey is taking adaptive climbing to new heights

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Online Exclusive posted Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 1:39pm

An energy drink with a mission

We typically tell you about great innovative products to help make your life easier, but we stumbled across this product and thought it merited a mention.

For all you energy drink junkies,TroopFuel offers a full line of power drinks that are said to have a natural, smooth taste, and promise to deliver a boost of vitality to help you make it through your day or accomplish any athletic goal.

But wait, there’s more. TroopFuel isn’t only serving up energy in a can, they are committed to the welfare of our service members by helping to end veteran homelessness with 10 percent of proceeds going to Veterans First LTD (, and Community Housing Partnership in their quest to build Sallie’s Place, a Phoenix housing complex with eight 2 bedroom apartments for women Veterans with children.  

TroopFuel is currently only available in certain locations nationwide but they are working to open new markets in the coming new year.

For more information on how you can help end veteran homelessness, visit Veterans First LTD and donate any amount to their cause in supporting our service members whom have helped build this great country.  

In the meantime, stop by TroopFuel’s website and social media sites and give them a “Like.”


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