October 2004 Table of Contents


The Difference Between Life—and Death

You're a wheelchair user. You have only minutes to evacuate your building. You're surrounded by people who are panicked. What do you do?

Share the Caring

Family caregivers find ways to make a difference in the lives of many—now, and all year.

Security in the Elections

In November, will all votes be counted? Will any state be an issue again? Is our electoral process secure?

A New Day?

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Hiring people with disabilities can work—and makes good business sense.

Going Up!

Like the aerial trams and hot-air balloons in PVA's 2004 convention host city, the organization's mission is on the rise.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

New officers, new business, and a new year: PN Editor Cliff Crase offers his take on PVA's 58th Annual Meeting and Convention.

Diagnosis MS

"I can't exercise becaue I have MS," you say. "No excuse!" says this month's columnist, George McAleer. McAleer shares how regular exercise has improved his lifestyle and how he overcomes the usual excuses—and urges readers to "just do it!"

Healing Options

Columnist S. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D., wraps up his two-part series on Native-American healing by summarizing specific healing modalities, ranging from herbal remedies to prayers, chants, and music. He notes how, despite major philosophical differences, Native-American and other indigenous healing traditions have greatly influenced modern medicine.

Living Well

An apple a day keeps the doctor away—or so the saying goes. But are all apples created equal? This month's column, by Craig Hospital's C. A. Brooks, focuses on the benefits of organic (versus conventionally grown) foods.

Money Talks

One important decision we must make in financial planning is not whether we should invest in a retirement plan—but how much we should invest. Those of us with disabilities normally carry higher expenses than do our able-bodied brethren. This, however, should be no excuse for not putting money away for retirement. Columnist Dan Jones offers readers some solid advice about how to make the right choices when planning for your future.

Travel Tips

This month's column, by Carol Randall, tells wheelin' readers how to ensure their safety while traveling and offers previews of a historic Texas B&B, services for travelers to Australia, a gem of a rental in Florida, a special-needs charter boat in Greece, an informative Web site, accessible taxis in Miami, and access in Victoria—one of British Columbia's best-kept secrets. There's also an update on two ADA-violation lawsuits.

Around the House

Portable ramps can solve many temporary-access problems. This month's Around the House highlights a company that makes roll-up ramps.

Mobility & More

Discover another use for the Roll-A-Ramp (also profiled in this month's Around the House) and learn about a new wheelchair that purports to combine the ultra-portability of a cantilevered frame with a high degree of customization, as well as a fun?and street-legal?motorized attachment to your wheelchair that offers a smooth ride at up to 50 mph.

People in the News

"Power through participation" is the platform of Juliette Rizzo, Ms. Wheelchair America 2005. This month's People in the News tells Rizzo's story and introduces readers to Lynn Moers, a ventilator-dependent quad who this summer chalked up firsts in independant sailing and award-winning art.


Wheeler Dwayne Bauer concludes his two-part article on hunting Africa. His advice to readers: "It's your safari, and if you do your part in preparing, you'll have trophies and memories for life."

Sports & Recreation

There's lots of news this month from the world of wheelchair sports and recreation: reports on three winners at the National Veterans Golden Age Games, held in California; a memorandum of understanding between the International Archery Foundation and the International Paralympic Committee that could have far-reaching effects on the sport of archery; the donation of an accessible elevating deer stand in North Carolina; a new organization for amputees and people with related disabilities to encourage them to be active in aggressive sports; an eight-day-long Africa trip; and the availability of accessible golf carts in Florida.(If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, click here.)


A fond farewell to two important advocates for wheelers—Frank DeGeorge and Chuck Izzet—along with briefs on awards in the transportation industry and in the U.S. Congress, a new way to say "thank you" to our nation's veterans, and the availability of Hurricane Charley disaster-relief funds.

PVA President's Message

New Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Randy Pleva assures readers that although there are new faces on PVA's Executive Committee, and there will undoubtedly be some new ideas, officers will continue to show the same hard work and determination founders had when the organization was formed more than 58 years ago.

And Finally...

"At what point did people with mobility impairments, namely wheelchair users, accept inaccessibility as part of daily living? Have we become complacent? Have we lost our will to live in an accessible community? Quite frankly, I'm fed up," say's this month's columnist, Brian Sheridan, who calls for wheelchair users to come in from the outfield and roll up to the plate.

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