September 2004 Table of Contents


Fighting Diseases
With Cells

Stem-cell research: peril—or potential?

Welsh Treat

A holiday in Wales—at a storybook location—is a wheeler's delight.

ADA at 14:
A Report Card

Two articles take a look at the progress—and frustrations—in the 14 years since the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law.

Gateway to Victory

The 24th National Veterans Wheelchair Games—the world's largest annual wheelchair-sports event—was the beginning of more triumphs and achievements in the everyday lives of its athletes.

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Reasons & Remarks

In 1904, St. Louis hosted the III Olympics (modern version). In 2004, the same city hosted the XXIV National Veterans Wheelchair Games. The names, faces, and many of the events have changed, but when it comes to athletic competition, there's always room for the bizarre! This month, Editor Cliff Crase comments on one of the NVWG's most bizarre events: the Super G Slalom—and the man behind the course's unbelievable obstacles.

Caregiver Connection

If you find acting as a healthcare advocate difficult, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. It?s hard to find the right balance between being positively aggressive and calm and rational at the same time. In this month's column, National Family Caregivers Association President Suzanne Mintz discusses the special effort it takes even someone with her experience to stand up to doctors, ask questions, receive satisfactory answers, and choose the key members of the healthcare team.

Diagnosis MS

Part 2 of this two-part series presents information about research and treatments for primary MS fatigue. Its cause remains unknown, but MS researchers are taking novel approaches to unraveling this mystery.


Have you considered going on an African safari? In Part 1 of a two-part series, wheeler Dwayne Bauer describes his successful hunting experiences in Africa.

Living Well

An ounce of prevention can help prevent tons of shoulder misery. Patrick Jacobs, Ph.D. (associate professor, University of Miami, Department of Neurological Surgery, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis) offers readers some tips on how to "pull" should pain away.

Mobility and More

Columnist Marty Ball urges readers to invest in themselves by doing whatever it takes to get an up-to-date performance wheelchair—even if it means fighting the "Insurance Company Almighty" and throwing in some of their own funds as well.

Money Talks

Columnist and financial advisor Dan Jones discusses health insurance and the various options that can make it affordable for you.

PVA President's Message

Concluding his four-year stint as national president of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Joseph L. Fox Sr. says his farewells, offers his thanks, and reaffirms his belief in the mission and goals of the organization.

Travel Tips

Can an airline make you sign a waiver of liability for your wheelchair? Find out in this month's issue, where columnist Carol Randall also tells readers about a new European guidebook for wheelers and slow walkers, a company that provides wheelchair-accessible transportation in Australia, and a medical-equipment company that can take care of your DME needs if you're traveling or visiting in the Orange County (Calif.) area.

Veteran Advisor

Paralyzed Veterans of America Senior Benefits Advocate Richard DeNoyer answers this month's question: "I have recently been assigned a 100% service-connected evaluation for MS. This resulted in my entitlement to commissary and exchange privileges at military facilities. How do I access these privileges?"

Around the House

Cabinets of tomorrow are available now! This month's Around the House features a company whose hydraulic system makes cabinets accessible to wheelers at the push of a button. There's also an article answering a reader's request for information on where to find a tall commode for home installation.


The 2004 NOD/Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities says this population is at a critical disadvantage in ten key areas of life. In this month's Newsbeat, find out what those areas are. There's also news about an improved series of Chrysler van conversions, a Web site that's promoting equal access to the polls for this fall's elections, a court ruling that affirms Congress's authority to set the criteria necessary for Medicare eligibility for DME items, a new series of PSA's from PVA, the selection of retired U.S. senator Robert Dole as 2004 Shining Star of Perseverance Award recipient, an online petition that aims to ensure equal opportunities in all aspects of society, a national magazine's ranking of the Rehabilitiation Institute of Chicago as the "Best Rehabilitation Hospital in America," and obituaries for two memorable contributors to the disability community.

On the Job

Looking for a career in design? This month's On the Job informs readers of a program written by and for people wth disabilities that addresses design fields and careers. There's also a report on the quadriplegic founder and president of a greeting-card company, a story about a disabled man who started his own company to help people like himself find meaningful jobs, an update on a New York group that advocates for people with disabilities in the workplace, and a list of resources that can help you find out more about self-employment.

People in the News

True-life stories of two men whose lives took unexpected detours when separate accidents left one quadriplegic and the other paraplegic. Both tell about their challenging—but rewarding—journeys back.

Sports & Recreation

Coverage of the 2004 PVA National Trapshoot Circuit end-of-year shoot, as well as news about the 2004 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac; the 2nd Annual C. Thomas Clagett Jr. Memorial Regatta and Racing Clinic for sailors with disabilities; a brand-new, state-of-the-art wheelchair-softball field; and a call for volunteers from an organization in Colorado that collects wheelchairs, walkers, canes, prosthetics, and other medical supplies for disabled people in other countries.

And Finally...

Thomas Matola, Ph.D., shares a life-altering lesson he learned from his father: Whatever the adversity, face it. It may not be easy—but if it's the only game in town, play it!

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