August 2002 Table of Contents


Divide & Conquer (Part 1)

Here's one man's solution to the personal-assistant nightmares so many of us face.

Accessible Outdoor Rooms

Sometimes the best "room" in the house is outdoors!

Promising Procedures

World-renowned scientists share a stimulating exchange that indicates hope for the future of SCI research.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase recognizes a flying firefighter whose passion to be in the air has him battling blazes in his hand-control-equipped Cessna.

Travel Tips:

An information-exchange network, a database, and a Web site for travelers; information about planning a trip to Thailand, a new southwestern Mexico B&B, and a unique transfer chair; and an adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Computer Corner:

A foundation that gives away computers, and new —more accessible —Web site.

Sexuality & SCI:

Sexually transmitted diseases: Are you at risk?

Money Talks:

Planning for retirement? Here's a tip to help you see "the big (financial) picture."

Around the House:

Some high-tech ways to get help when you need it.

Diagnosis: MS:

Doctors are studying this paradoxical protein that appears to both attack and repair cells in people with MS.

On the Job:

How to use the Internet as a job-seeking tool.

Living Well:

A new fitness center promotes health and wellness for people with disabilities.

Mobility & More:

The hot new PT Driver can be driven from a wheelchair.

News Beat:

Two resources for information and assistance.

And Finally:

It's all a matter of perspective.

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