June 2004 Table of Contents


Special Section — Travel Options Today

Three articles give readers some interesting vacation options—and some tips on finding the funds to make your dream trip possible.

Seeking the Slot:
Media Coverage of Disability Issues

The disability community has been thrust into the public spotlight, forcing media attention.

Pregnancy & SCI

Believing they couldn't conceive, C5-6 quad Suzanne Zimmer and her husband Chris adopted their first daughter, Natalie. Then, two years later, Suzanne became pregnant.

Success Story:
Congressman James Langevin

Ballots and bills replace weapons in fighting "the bad guys."

On the Front Lines

PVA attorneys and the law secure and protect benefits for veterans and their families.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

Editor Cliff Crase regales readers with the true story of a world-renowned stage magician who is preparing for a blindfolded (yes, blindfolded!) drive from New York to Hollywood to raise money for paralysis research.

Caregiver Connection

Today many laws and regulations on the books protect workers in almost every type of environment from undue harm or injury. In the long-term-care field, a great deal of attention is paid to protecting nurses, nursing assistants, and nurses aides from injuring themselves as they try to move bed-bound patients or transfer more mobile ones. However, no such rules or regulations protect family caregivers who carry out many of the same functions. It isn’t whiney to ask,“Why doesn’t our government care about me?” asserts columnist Suzanne Mintz, president and cofounder of the National Family Caregivers Association. “In fact, it is the only sensible thing to do.”

Diagnosis: MS

It empowers us to know that famous, admired, and talented people have picked up the cause and are devoting time, effort, and influence to make sure that one day no one will "face" MS. This month's column highlights a few famous spokespersons.

Healing Options

In Part 1 of a two-part series on Native-American healing, columnist S. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D., reviews Native-American societal contributions throughout our nation's history, describes the major differences between Western and Native-American medicine, and introduces readers to the Native-American perception of disability and its treatment.

Living Well

What do you drink? This month's column, written by Ann C. Adair, R.N. M.S.N., M.P.H., M.Ed., touts the benefits of water: who needs it, how much, and why.

Money Talks

According to columnist Dan Jones, developing a personal financial plan begins with accumulating much of the same data needed to prepare income taxes. His article give readers helpful hints for using their tax return to help balance a budget, shift expenses, and formulate a savings plan.

Travel Tips

You can locate accessible options you never dreamed of by checking out the Web sites listed in this month's Travel Tips. Columnist Carol Randall also introduces Cunard's Queen Mary 2—a luxury ocean liner with many wheelchair-accessible amenities—and describes a resort on the island of Crete that is specifically designed for people with disabilities.

Around the House

Simple home improvements can make it easier to handle daily tasks. Here are some tips to help you plan some worthwhile projects. There's also a report on an environmental control unit that can help people with severe physical limitations gain control over their daily activities.

Mobility & More

Read about the Para-cycle, a motorized attachment that converts a wheelchair into a 3-wheel cycle; a new line of durable, lightweight, foldable solid-seat chairs from Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc.; and Guest Industrial's fast, quiet, and portable chargers for wheelchair and scooter batteries.

On the Job

If you're thinking to re-entering the workforce or are just in the market for something better, here are some interviewing tips that might help you land that dream job. There are also reports on a handicap-accessible ice-cream shop in Florida owned by an independent-thinking wheeler and her husband, and a handbook designed as a complete career-planning and job-search guide for people with disabilities.

Sports & Recreation

Find out which teams emerged victorious in this year's final wheelchair-basketball championships. (To view color photos from each tournament, click here.) This month's Sports & Recreation also gives readers the hot-shootin', high-scorin' highlights from the Harry Plymire Memorial and the Cal-Diego PVA Trapshoot—the fifth and sixth stops on the 2004 PVA National Trapshoot Circuit. And there are reports on a table-tennis-ball dispenser and storage device operated by a push-button, a great vacation stop in Virginia for gun enthusiasts, and results from San Diego's Sailing World's National Offshore One Design Regatta. (If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, you'll love our sister publication, SPORTS ’N SPOKES!)

News Beat

This month, read about a luncheon honoring a much-loved SCI doctor; Verizon's expansion of its Marlboro Center for Customers with Disabilities to support clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; a new company—PepEase—that manufactures adaptive clothing for people with physical challenges; the resignation of VA Under Secretary for Health Robert Roswell; an Internet documentary covering many topics of interest to people with disabilities; the new and totally accessible Dinosphere exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis; a foundation that delivers more than 10,000 new wheelchairs each month to people with disabilities around the world; and new guidelines regarding access to facilities covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Veteran Advisor

Do veterans with disabilities get healthcare priority from the Department of Veterans Affairs? Find out in this month's Veteran Advisor.

PVA President's Message

President Joseph Fox Sr. urges readers to help spread the word: Former POWs not currently using Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits should contact VA about eligibility for healthcare, disability compensation, and other services to which they may be entitled.

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