December 2003 Table of Contents


Target: Paralysis

In this exciting time for SCI research, collaboration allows Miami Project scientists to make progress.

Alcohol & SCI

Holiday parties will soon be in full swing. But it's time to think twice about the consequences of drinking.

Training & Managing Your PAs

This "blueprint" will help you create quality providersand keep them longer!

Our "Wild" Time in Alaska

With a little help from expert outdoorsmen and -women, the wilderness isn't too daunting after all.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

As Editor Cliff Crase and Marketing Director Sherri Shea celebrate 25 years with PN, Cliff reflects on how the heck they got there in the first place.

Caregiver Connection

"I've recently had to use all my knowledge, connections, and skills to be an advocate for my husband," says caregiver Suzanne Mintz, whose husband Steven has MS. "But my efforts were not enough to solve the problem he and I faced." In this month's column, Mintz discusses the reality that just as with caregiving, advocacy is more than a one-person job; help is definitely required.

Computer Corner

Even a person with very limited movement can scan images onto a computer with the help of an adaptive switch and some scanning software. In this month's column, Susan LeHew lists resources for and discusses features of both.

Diagnosis: MS

Part 2 of the series that began in the November 2003 issue describes current work to develop treatments for progressive MS, including FDA approval of Novantrone® and Betaseron® to treat worsening or relapsing forms of MS.

Healing Options

In previous articles in this column, S. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D., discussed the use of magnetic therapy to treat various SCD-associated conditions. This month, Dr. Johnston reviews promising research that suggests electromagnetic fields alleviate MS symptoms—without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical approaches.

Living Well

The Paralyzed Veterans of America's Medical Services Program explains the symptoms and cause of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), tells how the virus spreads, and offers some tips on how to protect yourself and others from this frightening illness. There's also a list of Web sites you can visit for more information about SARS management and infection control.

Money Talks

According to columnist Dan Jones, mutual-fund investors should consider the timing of their purchases to avoid a possible tax trap—but investment decisions should never be delayed solely because of tax considerations. This month's article offers a common-sense approach to knowing when the time is right.

Travel Tips

In this month's column, Carol Randall tells readers about Royal Caribbean International's newest (accessible) cruise ship, a company that helps people with disabilities realize their dream of going to Africa on safari, and an accessible-van service on Tenerife (the largest of the Canary Islands). There's also an announcement of the winners of the United Kingdom's South West Tourism Excellence Awards, and Ron Pettit reports on how Northwest Airlines' commitment to providing barrier-free air travel that is safe, comfortable, convenient, and reliable is paying off for travelers with disabilities.

Around the House

His grandfather's physical limitations prompted this architect to author a book that offers 52 home plans based on universal-design principles. Find out where to order—and learn how you can answer your door by telephone—in this month's issue.

Fish Tales

Get the latest updates on the National PVA Bass Tour, including Illinois' Land of Lincoln Tournament and Oklahoma's Mid-America Tournament.There's also an announcement of the addition of Lake Winnipesaukee and Camp Robindel (New Hampshire) as a new site on the 2005 Tour.

Mobility & More

Electric Mobility has established a new division, UltraLite Vehicles, to launch a line of lightweight, foldable scooters. Read about this innovation as well as General Motors' Sit-N-Lift, a power seat to aid entering and exiting the company's midsize vans.

News Beat

If you're looking for information on spinal-cord injury, there's a national database of educational resources that may have just what you need. Log on to under "Educational Resources." This month you'll also find out about an Illinois organization that administers the federal protection and advocacy system of people with disabilities in that state, a program that's providing wheelchairs to people in Afghanistan, and the National Organization on Disabilities' call for information about emergency-preparedness products, ideas, and practices.

On the Job

In separate addresses to separate audiences National Organization on Disability Vice President and Director of Partnership Programs Nancy Starnes and former Congressman and principal author of the Americans With Disabilities Act Tony Cohelo told listeners that people with disabilities want to work. Catch the high points of their speeches in this month's issue, along with an article by Tania deLuzuriaga about the unique business owned and operated by a married couple who both use wheelchairs for mobility.

Sports & Recreation

In addition to information about a new "sensory park" scheduled to open in Colorado and crossbow hunting in Hawaii, there's a recap of recent news from the wheelchair-tennis world—including results of the U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships. Complete coverage of this event will be included in the January 2004 issue of our sister publication, SPORTS ’N SPOKES.

Research & Education

The Paralyzed Veterans of America's Spinal Cord Research Foundation has funded nine projects for FY 2004. You'll find a brief description of each funded project in this month's issue.

And Finally...

Columnist Marty Ball notes it is sometimes necessary to bite our tongues and help the general public understand that just because we use wheelchairs, we aren't always helpless.

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