August 2003 Table of Contents


All About Doors

Choosing the right doors for your accessible home is easy, once you know the basics.

Stay Safe & Secure

Does disability make you a target? These strategies can protect your lifestyle.

Global Warming

Take a trip; have some fun! Despite some challenges, international travel is more accessible than ever.

A Mother's Journey

Following her son's spinal-cord injury, this mom chronicled her experiences in order to help other parents learning to deal with an adult child's new life.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

A new high-tech design is yet another sign the need for paraplegics is diminishing—at least as far as quads are concerned! According to Editor (and quad) Cliff Crase, many believe the only reason God decided paras should exist was to serve quads by helping unscrew caps, flip lids, cut up their meat, tackle child-proof prescription containers, and in general offer a grip or a pinch when needed. In the August 2003 issue, read about a computer-guided pill-dispensing machine that will enable quads to lead more independent lives—and maybe put paras out of business!

Diagnosis: MS:

MS symptoms and the sleep problems that tangle up with them are many and diverse. But sleeplessness doesn't have to be a permanent problem for people with MS. This month's column has some tips and techniques that may soon have you sleeping like a baby.

Living Well:

Coral calcium: This supplement claims to ensure strong bones, assist with weight loss, and decrease risk for heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Does it? In this month's issue, find out the truth behind the promises.

Sexuality & SCI:

There are no quick and easy solutions to maintaining sexual desire and intimacy in a relationship. However, a few guiding principles might help. In this month's column, psychologist Dr. Stanley Ducharme talks about the importance of sexuality and offers tips on how to keep those fires burning.

Travel Tips:

People with disabilities should find air travel smoother due to the advanced training of TSA screeners. Read about what improvements to expect, as well as news about a new (accessible) Texas campground, a therapeutic camp on the island of Crete, and a new access guide to Denmark.

Just for Women:

The organization Through the Looking Glass ( provides various resources that can help take the "wonder" out of parenting. Read about their services in the August 2003 issue, along with news about a joint forum of the American Association of People With Disabilities and the National Organization for Women Foundation, scheduled for October 2003 (click on Calendar in the menu at the top of this page for more information).

Mobility & More:

It seems simple enough—but there's an art to wheeling through doors! In the August 2003 issue, learn the best techniques. You'll also read about Vantage Mobility International's newest scooter and power-chair lift line, and about a study designed to better understand the process of wheelchair maintenance.

On the Job:

Would working at home work for you? An article in this month's issue offers the pros and cons. There's also news about a Web site ( that can make the search for federal jobs easier for people with disabilities, and a grant that supports internships for young Americans with disabilities.

People in the News:

Barbara Arnold, who went into business for herself when she became "unhirable" after an auto accident, now owns her fourth profitable company. David Estrada looks forward to a successful bid for office and a chance to represent more than 600,000 people. Read about both of these inspiring achievers in the August 2003 issue.

Sports & Recreation:

Looking for a way to reach the beach? There's a new chair that can get you there. Read about it in this month's issue, along with highlights of the latest international wheelchair-basketball competition. (If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, you'll love our sister publication:

Fish Tales:

This is no line! Here's the real scoop on the Midwest Bass Tournament—the second stop on the PVA Bass Tour, A BASS Sanctioned Event. (For more about the tour, visit

News Beat:

This month's News Beat updates readers on a new Florida program that aims to help people achieve maximum adjustment and lifestyle independence, and an online report ( outlining ways to improve access to assistive technologies and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Research & Education:

Medicare has announced it will pay for the $13,000 Parastep-I assisted walking device for people with SCI. This action was largely due to research by Miami Project scientists whose studies demonstrated the device's benefits. Find out more in the August 2003 "PVA in Action" column, under Research, Education, & Practice Guidelines.

Government Relations:

A new coalition of nonprofit consumer and provider organizations aims to advance public-policy changes leading to improvements in access to assistive devices, technologies, and related services for people with disabilities and chronic conditions. Learn more in August 2003's "PVA in Action," under Government Relations, where there's also a report on a California court case that leads the way for sidewalks to be subject to ADA Title II's program access requirements.

And Finally:

Phil Pangrazio, executive director of Arizona Bridge to Independent Living, offers some thoughts about the process of positively adjusting to life with a disability.

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