October 2002 Table of Contents


Special Section: Caregiving

As a caregiver, what's your story? And how can care receivers make life easier for their spouse/partner caregiver?

The Door to a
Better Life

Daniel refused to be stereotyped as "a disabled person." He developed his own set of employability skillswhich he now uses to counsel other job seekers.

Patriots' Pride

This NFL stadium is a league leader in accessibility.

Island Beat

Despite the potential distractions of Puerto Rico's golden beaches, alluring waters, and a luxurious hotel, PVA convention delegates finished a great deal of business.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase offers his perspective on the business, the fun, and everything in between at PVA's week in the tropics.

Computer Corner:

A few good Web sites can help you in your search for information about the latest in assistive technology.

Fish Tales:

High temperatures and humidity greeted 180 anglers on the first day of the land of Lincoln Bass Tournament.

Around the House:

Six products that help you maintain your privacy—and your dignity—in the bathroom.

On the Job:

Tired of searching for information on available jobs and training programs? Here's everything you need to knowall under one roof.

Living Well:

It's flu season again. Should you be vaccinated?

Mobility & More:

Been wondering what to do with that old wheelchair you don't use anymore? Here's an idea!

Diagnosis: MS:

Can the likelihood you will develop MS start in your genetic makeup?

News Beat:

There's a $25,000 prize awaiting America's most-accessible city or town!

Research & Education:

Animal testing for research: good or bad?

Sports & Recreation:

The latest news from the world of wheelchair sports and recreation.

Travel Tips:

Cruises, vacation rentals and more for the wheelchair traveler.

And Finally:

Abuse of disabled-discount event tickets: Can it be prevented?

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