June 2003 Table of Contents


Just in Case...

If disaster strikes, are you ready?

Special Section:
The Art of Breathing

Whether your spinal-cord injury is complete or incomplete, you are at increased risk for developing respiratory complications. Here's a plan to help prevent them.

You & Your Doc

Because medicine is such a broad field, no physician is an expert on everything. You and your doctor(s) need to know your rights and responsibilitiesand communicate!

Going Strong

During a week-long observance, the Paralyzed Veterans of America highlighted the many ways it has made—and is making—a difference.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

Editor Cliff Crase reviews a new book by broadcaster (and fellow University of Illinois alum) Tom Jones, who—despite using a wheelchair for 60 of his 66 years—assures readers, "Handicapped? Not me!"

Living Well:

Research is showing that people with spinal-cord injury have a depressed immune system, impeding the body's ability to resist and fight off infection. In his June column, Dr. Tom Kiser describes factors affecting the immune system and offers several tips that can help increase your body's immunity to infection.

Computer Corner:

Are you "keyboard impaired" because of a dexterity or visual problem? This month, wheeler Herbert Drill describes a large-letter keyboard that just might be your ticket to happy computing. There's also information about a mouse pad that fits on your thigh, eliminating the need to reach forward to a desktop.

Just for Women:

A new video addresses the unique healthcare issues related to obstetric and gynecological needs of women with SCI. There's also news about a new government service that provides simple and time-sensitive steps to help women improve their health.

On the Job:

NISH, formerly the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (creating employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities), has honored 17 national award winners and 8 scholarship recipients in recognition of their achievements under the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Program.

Money Talks:

Through the years, couples develop their own systems for handling financial matters. Often, a disability can change everything. In his June column, Dan Jones advises readers that whatever the situation, certain financial-planning information should be discussed and investigated thoroughly—together.

Travel Tips:

Longing for a shipboard adventure? Try one of these five accessible cruises offered by Connie George Travel Associates ?or the Travel Depot?s cruise specifically designed for service dogs and their owners. Kitty Hawk, N.C.; northwest Chile; and London are other destinations highlighted in Carol Randall?s June column. Randall also tells readers about a new Web site detailing accessibility on Ontario, Canada?s, Niagara Peninsula.

Diagnosis: MS:

Neurologists and neuroscientists from around the world gathered to share their research findings at the American Academy of Neurology's 55th Annual Meeting, where investigators reported promising findings from small-scale, early-phase studies testing the safety and possible benefits of several experimental treatments for MS. This month's column also includes news about the drug Copaxone and pregnancy, as well as reports from a study comparing MS's clinical characteristics between African Americans and Caucasians.

Mobility & More:

Why are "wheelies" a necessary skill? For more than two decades, Charlie Croteau taught wheelchair mobility on the SCI unit at Boston University Hospital; he also lectured on the subject. Here's what he says about wheelies. In the June issue you'll also read about a new off-road mid-wheel-drive wheelchair from Innovation In Motion, and an interface between a roller system and a computer that allows wheelers to play a game while exercising.

People in the News:

Don Anderson and Everett Swesey are two men who found their way back from traumatic injury to fulfilling lives, doing what they love to do—one in the public-service arena, the other working with horses. Read their success stories in the June issue.

Caregiver Connection:

What is the proper balance between the role of family and that of professionals in providing healthcare and long-term supportive services for people with disabilities? In her June column, caregiver Suzanne Mintz wonders, Are we being asked to do too much?

A Closer Look:

This column is the first in PN’s current effort to include more in-depth information on products available to people with disabilities. This month, Dr. Jack Robertson relates the benefits of standing wheelchairs and takes readers through a step-by-step approach to physician and insurance-company approval. There’s also a list of current manufacturers.

Sports & Recreation:

Realizing every golfer’s dream, wheeler Mark Hartney made a 198-yard hole-in-one. Read about it in the June issue, along with news and information about a variety of sports and recreational activities and events. If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, you’ll love our sister publication, SPORTS ’N SPOKES!

Veterans Benefits:

You may be eligible for infertility diagnostic and treatment options from the Veterans Health Administration. An article in the June issue explains what is available and who qualifies.

News Beat:

Read about a nonprofit organization that empowers people with disabilities and care providers to locate needed mobility and assistive devices faster, easier, and at competitive prices. You'll also find news about a California partnership that recently donated 240 wheelchairs to Hermosillo (Mex.), the roll out of Canadian Rick Hansen's Wheels in Motion program, an exhibit featuring the work of international artists with disabilities, and awards and honors recently bestowed on organizations and individuals in the disability community.

And Finally...:

With respect to many of the "nonaccessible" accessibility attempts in public accommodations such as hotels, restaurants, rest rooms, museums, theaters, gyms, etc., guest columnist Marty Ball notes wheelers could be a helpful resource to designers and architectsif only they would ask!

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