April 2003 Table of Contents


Meeting the Challenge

Reagan Washington National Airport's new terminal does more than comply with codes; it's designed for real accessibility.

Time to Ride!

People have questioned why large bus companies don't have lift-equipped vehicles. But change has arrived!

Holistic Medicine & SCI: Exploring the Options

What is "holistic medicine?" How might it work for people with SCI?

Disability & the State of the Union

No one should dismiss disability issues as irrelevant, for anyone can join the disability community in an instant.

Public Appearances

For more than half a century, PVA has helped the disability community. A week of special events will bring its mission into the limelight.

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Reasons & Remarks

Editor Cliff Crase shares the story of one man's dream—deferred by the mundane matters of living—that became reality when he hit the road, taking his "victory lap" around the U.S.

Computer Corner:

Funding assistive technology can be as confusing and frustrating as selecting the most effective tools for your needs. Here's some helpful advice.

Government Relations:

The ADA Notification Act is back.

On the Job

Do you think you should be getting Social Security disability benefits? Here are the five steps SSA follows to determine eligibility.

Living Well:

What is "complementary and alternative medicine," and how can these therapies benefit people with SCI?

Mobility & More:

A virtual-reality wheelchair will allow people to practice in a simulated power chair before they ever have to maneuver a real one.

Money Talks:

Ten common estate-planning goofs you can avoid.

Diagnosis: MS:

MS is no reason to sit on the sidelines. With some modifications, people at all disability levels can enjoy the benefits of exercise.

News Beat:

New accessibility symbol unveiled.

Research & Education:

Craig Hospital reports some recovery of sensation and movement in SCI patients after experimental treatment.

Sports & Recreation:

For the first time in four years, the Homer Townsend Traveling Trapshoot Trophy found a new home.

Travel Tips:

Planning a summer getaway? Ireland, Scotland, the Mediterranean, or the good-old American West: Check out the possibilities!

Veterans Benefits:

Leukemia/Agent Orange link found. Are you eligible for benefits?

And Finally:

ADA has opened many doors to the disability community, but it sure missed the boat in this case.

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