June 2000 Table of Contents


Absolute Power!

Do you have fatigue and pain from years of pushing a manual wheelchair? You might recapture independence by switching to a power chair.

Making Choices

Regardless of how we become caregivers, it is always a shock and an emotionally painful experience. In the hubbub that follows—amidst the reorientation of our schedules, the search for resources, the fears about the future, and the challenges of day-to-day living—we never stop to think about what has happened and devise a plan that takes into account the health and well being of all concerned, including ourselves. We just go on automatic pilot and do and do and do.

Just for Women

Breast Cancer, SCI's Effect, Good News and more...

Stem Cell Research, Part 2

Researchers hit the Mother Lode when they discovered stem cells, which have remarkable abilities and many possible uses.

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Also in this issue:

Living Well

It's no surprise that many people with spinal-cord injuries (SCIs) have aches and pains that often target the joints.

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