November 2002 Table of Contents


Rx for Leg Swelling

How concerned should you be about leg swelling? And what should you do—or not do—about it?

Looking to the Future

Meet 25 outstanding students chosen to get some help with this year's college tuition.

Envision, Enlighten, Empower

This annual conference of SCI professionals provides opportunities for sharing information, achievements, and dreams.

Special Section: Honoring Veterans

Two articles—"Bestowing Honor" and "Lessons Learned"—pay tribute to some of the men and women who have served our country.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase remembers long-time advocate and friend Jim Peters.

Computer Corner

How one man's dream to supply computers to people who learn to use them is being realized—one computer at a time.

Diagnosis: MS

Unleash that artistic expression. It may have therapeutic power!

Mobility & More

If you own a van, here's great news about an interior lift that offers rear and curbside loading of your scooter or wheelchair.

Healing Options

Can creatine—through diet or supplements—enhance strength compromised by physical disability?

Money Talks

Several strategies can help you reduce or avoid multiple taxes—and benefit your favorite charities.

News Beat

Awards, projects, and programs—all to benefit people with disabilities.

On the Job

The story of a man whose fertile mind, keen sense of humor, and big heart have led to a satisfying career as an advocate for people with disabilities.

People in the News

Read the stories behind two remarkable women who, in their own distinctive ways, are actively advocating on behalf of all people with disabilities.

Research & Education

A much-anticipated conference results in 16 recommendations for evaluating, dealing with, and preventing violence against people with disabilities.

Sexuality & SCI

What is "male menopause?" Should you be taking it seriously?

Sports & Recreation

From tall ships to handcycles; from shotguns to rods and reels; from accessibility efforts to outdoor programs for kids with disabilities: You'll find it all here!

Travel Tips

Combine luxurious, scenic accommodations with unbeatable Texas-style hospitality at this new B&B located a comfortable drive north of Dallas.

Just For Women

Two east-coast programs share their dedicated efforts toward improving women's healthcare options.

And Finally

A look at attitudes about public accessibility: callous or caring?

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