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Flight Plan

Since he was 5 years old, Ron Lindenfield has dreamed of flying. He knew from his poor grades during high school that it was probably too late to fly for the airlines. Lindenfield's biggest challenge was yet to come.

Special Section: Designed for Dignity

Small But Successful

Small accessibility projects are often the most challenging because they must interface myriad existing structural, legal, and financial constraints. In order to develop successful small projects, architects or designers must have the self-discipline to carefully limit the project's scope. Read about an entry and a bathroom that were made accessible.

Wake-up Call

The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects people with disabilities across the country from discrimination in the sale or rental of dwelling units. Its prohibitions extend to application criteria, additional rental charges, security deposits, or other standards by which people with disabilities are treated differently in their attempts to secure housing. While FHA's protections are certainly significant, New York City's laws take the requirment to provide reasonable accommodations one step further.

Hallmark of Quality

The Veterans Health Administration has been doing some fantastic things at its spinal-cord-injury centers around the country. One example is VHA's commitment to uphold quality care by having its rehabilitation programs surveyed for CARF accreditation. Just what is "accreditation?"

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Living Well

Diabetes and spinal-cord injury.

News Beat

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), elected officials and policymakers are asked to sign and date an ADA pledge. Also: New research institute at University of Illinois will focus on work and disability.

Reasons & Remarks

Clint Eastwood is being sued because of ADA violations at a hotel he owns. Now, he's supporting a new law that requires potential plaintiffs with disabilities to wait three months before taking business owners to court.

Sexuality & SCI

Most of us think of cancer when we talk about prostate trouble, but other disorders are far more common. What are they? And what can be done to treat them?

Sports & Recreation

Wind causes problems for trapshooters in Cheeseland. Also: The ninth annual Fred Doty Classic was March 31-April 1 at AMF Indian River Lanes, Virginia Beach, Va.

Travel Tips

Learn about essential preparations to have a relaxing trip. Also: Take a vacation to Egypt or Palm Springs, Calif.

PVA in Action

A new chair has the potential to change the way people with disabilities transfer from boarding chairs to aircraft seats.

And Finally...

Does marijuana have any potential for fighting multiple sclerosis?

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