September 2000 Table of Contents


On the Move

Personal mobility vehicles (scooters) allow many people to participate fully in life. Learn what kind of scooter is right for you and see some of the current models available.

Cool Running

The first recorded account of riding down the Colorado River was in 1867 by Major John Wesley Powell. The mighty river is not a force to be reckoned with. Can 26 adventurers, many with disabilities, withstand its mighty power?

Caregiving: A Silent War

November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to celebrate and pay tribute to the more than 25 million Americans who, day in and day out, care for their loved ones who are chronically ill or have disabilities. What do these "silent heroes" need most?

Competitors...& Comrades

The 20th anniversary National Veterans Wheelchair Games, held in San Antonio on July 4-8, emphasized fellowship as well as athletic skill. Exhibition events included Super G Slalom, handcycling, and power chair 220. What other "extreme" sports may be in store for the Games?

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Also in this issue:

Computer Corner

A list of assistive and information technology resources available on the Internet. Also, a computer-donation program places refurbished computers in homes of people with disabilities who have low income.

Healing Options

Can laserpuncture help people with spinal-cord injuries?

News Beat

CanVote 2000, an election-year Web resource, has articles and tools designed to get people with disabilities involved in the democratic process. Also: In conjunction with the tenth anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is showcasing the disability rights movement in United States.

Reasons & Remarks

Oddservations on the 20th National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Sports & Recreation

Three first-time champions take the American Wheelchair Bowling Association national tournament in San Diego.

Travel Tips

DisneyWorld's transportation system is an accessible magic marvel. Also: Sometimes airport shuttles from nearby hotels aren't accessible. What are your alternatives?

PVA in Action

All ships sailing in U.S. waters are subject to the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Also: The war against Hepatitis C continues. What is the Veterans Health Administration doing to help?

And Finally...

A paraplegic asks to be considered an equal.

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