January 2001 Table of Contents


Special Section: Caregiving

As a caregiver, what's your story? And how can care receivers make life easier for their spouse/partner caregiver?

www.pva.org: New Look, Same Mission

Is the information revolution leaving you behind? This redesigned Web site will give you a more dynamic and useful tool to find what you're looking for.

The Ultimate Victims

Why is "victimization" of people with disabilities so prevalent? What steps can prevent it?

The Bigger Prize

The 2000 Paralympics, in Sydney, Australia, brought ecstasy and heartbreak, joy and disappointment.

Mind, Body, & Spirit: A Balancing Act

Feeling overwhelmed or weary? This new year, resolve to get back "in sync"!

Ordinary People

Nearly half the men and women who have served in the U.S. military forces during times of war are alive today. Veterans Day annually salutes themand all who served.

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Also in this issue:

Healing Options

Begins a study of the power of herbal medicine.

Mobility & More

Provides some sources for transfer seats, to help drivers and/or passengers get in and out of vans.

Money Talks

The pros and cons of IRA rollovers

Travel Tips

The scoop on a cruise through the Panama Canal, a Key West B&B, and an access guide to Australia.

Information Center

Lists a variety of print and video resources.

On the Job

Profiles a government Web site that helps employers do a better job of hiring workers with disabilities.

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