February 2001 Table of Contents


Get Physical: To Maximize, Exercise!

New yearnew you! A free Web site shows you how to combine physical activity and disability.

Get Physical: You Can Do It!

And if you aren't sure where or how to start, check out this list of videos. You're sure to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Cabin Fever: 105

What's the weather like where you are? Cold? Snowing? Raining? Sunny? Do you feel trapped inside and just want to break out? The most important aspect of dealing with cabin fever is that you are in control of what goes on in your life.

Aging & Sexuality

When you need information about your sexuality, do you consult books? Visit your physician? Or just ignore the whole issue?

Cracking the MS Code

Scientists have moved closer to solving the riddle of multiple sclerosisand finding relief for its symptoms.

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Also in this issue:

Research & Education:

The Health Care Financing Administration has approved a new Medicare Part B reimbursement code that gives Americans in-home access to a medical therapy to help heal chronic wounds.

Reasons & Remarks:

In the breaking-down-barriers battle, people with disabilities have been down that rocky road too often to even care to remember. Unfortunately, in some quarters "separate but equal" remains the norm.

Government Relations:

Among elements of P.L. 106-170 is a program that will give "tickets" to eligible Social Security disability recipients so they can "buy" vocational services from providers of their choice. Is your state among those implementing the new plan this year?

Around the House:

This plan for a detached garage solves the problems of limited space and pesky building-setback requirements.

Travel Tips:

Read about short-term-rental homes near Orlando (Fla.) attractions, new travel guides to Atlanta and Israel, an accessible-travel publication, and good news about wheeler-friendly cruise ships.

Money Talks:

If you like bargain hunting, think about value investing. Here's how.

Mobility & More:

Ford's show-stopping concept car promises high-end comfortand accessibility.

Living Well:

Want to know how to ease the stresses and burdens caregivers face? A new handbook can help.

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