April 2001 Table of Contents


Class Action

Are you—or is someone you know—college-bound? If so, it's never too early to start planning. Doing your "homework" now will help you later.

Fire Drill!

If the worst happens and fire breaks out when you're home alone, are you prepared to act quickly?

America's Spirit

Following the tradition of the 53 ceremonies before it, this year's presidential inaugural marked a new beginning.

The New Female Sexuality: Part 2

As they learn about the body, scientists are rethinking the types and roots of sexual dysfunction in women. What's new in the rush to find effective treatments for problems in women with SCI?

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase tests your knowledge of inaugural facts and trivia.

Living Well:

SCI affects breathing. How can you stack the respiratory odds more in your favor?

Around the House:

Surviving a power outage in a residential elevator, and where to find swing-clear door hinges.

Money Talks:

For 2001, the theme investors might want to keep in mind is "B2B...Back to Basics."

Travel Tips:

An accessible waterfront log-home B&B in Canada's Maritimes, and workshops that prepare people with disabilities for hassle-free air travel.

Mobility & More:

A Pittsburgh lab seeks wheelers for research studies, and Ford's innovative Windstar Mobility Impaired Sport Traveler (MIST) is profiled.

Research & Education:

Two sources of helpful information for SCI survivors and their families, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Government Relations:

President Bush acknowledges that disability-related issues are clearly on his radar screen.

Sports & Recreation:

Anheuser-Busch says, "This check's for you!"

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