July 2001 Table of Contents


How Do I Love Thee?

Roses are red, violets are blue; if I'm in a wheelchair, will your love stay true?

By the Beautiful Sea

Heading to the PVA Convention in August? Or just looking for a great vacation spot? In the center of everything, Long Beach, Calif., offers oceanside relaxationand a whole lot more.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase agrees: If you encounter an accessibility problem you want corrected, grab it by the horns and hang on!

Around the House:

Canadian User Friendly Home Program helps homeowners alter designs while maintaining a "normal" look.

Healing Options:

Flower essences are a popular holistic healing alternative. Could they work for you?

Living Well:

From time to time we all need rest and respite from daily work routines.

On the Job:

Some career connections could help you find your niche in the job market.

Computer Corner:

Can't operate a mouse? Here's something new in alternative keyboard navigation.

Mobility & More:

We all are worthy of the best possible equipment for the best possible mobility.

Travel Tips:

Information on an unpack-once holiday, and how to find English-speaking doctors when you travel abroad.

Money Talks:

Investing gradually can be an effective way to overcome the uncertainty about whether or when to invest.

Research & Education:

Free help for SCI kids.

Sports & Recreation:

Shooters, hoopsters, and horseback riderswe cover them all!

Fish Tales:

Reports on the third stop on PVA's bass trail and preparations for the Grand National.

News Beat:

Where to find out about international opportunities, and news about a conference and expo on disabilities.

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