August 2001 Table of Contents


Windows to the World

In a wheelchair-accessible home, various window types offer advantages and disadvantages with regard to view, ventilation, and operation.

How Johnny (and Jane) Can Get a Job

People with disabilities who look for employment themselves rather than relying on someone else are more likely to succeed. Here's how they do it.

Newest, Biggest, Best

The spotlight is on Dallas's American Airlines Center, a grand complex with sweeping vistas, striking size, and inviting passages. And it's cutting-edge accessible!

Icy Desert Crossing

Are you wilting in the "dog days" of summer? Try spending 43 days on Greenland?s inland ice.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase tees off on the Casey Martin/PGA issue.

Healing Options:

Part 2 of an article exploring flower essences as a popular holistic healing alternative. Could they work for you?

Around the House:

An accessible vacation retreat/demonstration project in Wisconsin, an online Internet store offering tips on preparing homes for life's changes, and a manual outlining North Carolina's building-code requirements for accessible multifamily housing.

Computer Corner:

A computer program designed to prevent repetitive-stress injuries, and a foldable platform to hold your laptop.

Living Well:

How to deal with disability, grief, and loss.

Mobility & More:

Two exciting new mobility aids.

Sexuality & SCI:

What affect can mild brain injury have on sexuality for the person with SCI?

Diagnosis: MS:

A popular television show builds awareness of MS, and researchers gather to discuss the latest MS studies and clinical trials.

Travel Tips:

Where to find an accessible RV for that end-of-summer trip, and reports on accessible vacation spots in Portugal, Scotland, and Wisconsin.

On the Job:

A quad who finds career satisfaction as a building contractor, and a company that supportsand hiresathletes with disabilities.

Sports & Recreation:

Reports on a breathtaking accessible recreation area in Oregon, an "athlete of the year," a competition for golden-agers, and courses that teach how to teach wheelchair tennis.

Government Relations:

The White House supports improvements in accessible transportation, increased medical and insurance coverage for surviving spouses, and construction of a World War II memorial.

Research & Education:

A new accessible examination table for patients with disabilities, and an innovative seating system for people with pressure ulcers.

News Beat:

Three new online sources for information about caregiving and personal assistance.

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