September 2001 Table of Contents


A Caregiver's Story

By sharing stories, we can learn from each other and make noncaregivers more aware of what it means to be part of a caregiving family.

Struttin' Their Stuff

A spirit of fellowship surrounded athletes in every sport at the 21st National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

A Matter of WHO

An infusion of fresh ideas marked a World Health Organization conference for SCI researchers.

Bridge to Outdoor Opportunities

Equipment donations help make the Disabled Sportsmen's Act a reality.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase explains why the Big Apple was just right for the big Games.

Diagnosis: MS:

The MS Society names their choices for Mother and Father of the Year.

Living Well:

How do rehab facilities evaluate the quality of care they provide? And how do researchers know which rehab procedures are most effective?

Travel Tips:

Information on a new air-travel guide for people with disabilities; one airline's registered-nurse program for passengers; accessible accommodations in Georgia, Washington, and Louisiana; a company that builds wheelchair-accessible boats; and where to go for mediation of your travel-related ADA dispute.

Computer Corner:

Keyboard hot-keys can make your computing a lot faster and easier.

On the Job:

A difficult vacation provides the springboard for a booming business.

Money Talks:

Bond laddering can provide steady returns, despite market fluctuations.

Research & Education:

Announcement of a safe and effective treatment for overactive bladder in people with SCI.

News Beat:

Recent grants, honors, and awards.

Sports & Recreation:

Articles about a bowling sub who comes with a wheelchair, an agreement that reaffirms the time and venue for future Paralympic Games, and the final stop on the PVA Trapshoot Circuit (next up: the Nationals).

Fish Tales:

Who reeled in the big ones at the Butch Ward Memorial Bass Tournament?

And Finally:

One person's unexpected opportunity to teach an unwanted lesson to an unknown person.

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