November 2001 Table of Contents


The Symbolism of the Stars & Stripes

With every fold, the U.S. flag tells a story.

The Start of Something Big

Who says pleasure boats can't be accessible to people with disabilities?

Your Right to Be Counted

After the November 2000 election, people began to question the process of how we choose a president. Election reform is underway. What's ahead for the disability vote?

Caring Friends

In a mutually beneficial relationship, youthful volunteers bring energy, excitement, and eagerness to their work with SCI patients.

What the World Needs Now Is...You!

After the events of September 11, it is clear we all need to be involved in making this world a better place. Without you, the world misses out—and so do you.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase reflects on terrorism's failure to quench the American spirit.

Sexuality & SCI

Although sexual addiction is not unique to people with SCI, individuals with disabilities are as prone to this problem as anyone else.

Money Talks:

Getting the most for your money is important, whether you are making a purchase or donating to a worthy cause.

Travel Tips:

Vacations in Australia and the Great Smoky Mountains, accessible cruises, and reflections on a visit to the Kennedy Space Center.

People in the News:

One of Arizona's top volunteers, and Ms. Wheelchair America 2002.

Healing Options:

A look at laser hand therapy.

Diagnosis: MS:

MS Society offers seasonal cards and calendars designed by contemporary artists with multiple sclerosis.

Mobility & More:

Will we ever figure out the perfect-sized wheel and handrim for every person using an everyday wheelchair?

Living Well:

Romance isn?t any different when you use a chair; it?s all about the little things in life.

Around the House:

Do you qualify for funding to make accessibility modifications to your home?

Research & Education:

Could a new discovery lead to a breakthrough in nerve regrowth and regeneration?

On the Job:

What is ?supported employment,? and could it work for you?

Sports & Recreation:

An effort to assimilate golfers with disabilities into the sport, and reports on bass-fishing and trapshooting competitions.

Fish Tales:

Results of the fifth stop on the PVA National Bass Trail.

And Finally:

Some suggestions for swifter authorization of medical benefits.

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