January 2019 Table of Contents


Snow Plow Problems

Snow and ice can make using and finding accessible parking spaces and pathways tough, but there are things you can do to clear the way

Walking Again

A University of Louisville study using a combination of therapies is helping people with SCI relearn how to move

Tough Terrain

The Adaptive mountain Biking World Championships provide these PVA members with much more than a race up the side of a mountain

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PVA From the Top: Setting Goals For The New Year

Starting a new year and goal-setting

Reasons & Remarks: Hidden Blessings of Technology

While not initially intended for the disabled community, new technology often offers huge benefits for those living with disabilities

On The Hill: Changes Coming To Washington

Election Day 2018 gave everyone in America a little something to 
cheer about

People: Road To Recovery

Handcycling 130 miles a day for 13 straight days may seem daunting, but Ricky Raley did it last August. Of course, he had plenty of motivation to keep going

Veteran Advisor: Travel Benefits

Veterans can apply for travel reimbursement to and from medical appointments through the VA

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