September 2018 Table of Contents


Hit the Road Safely

From flat tires to lift malfunctions, roadside emergencies don’t have to ruin your road trip if you plan ahead.

Everyone Can Play

An architecture firm’s work designing a unique and accessible theme park and water park in Texas earned it this year’s PVA Barrier-Free America Award.

Expanding Knowledge

From workshops to educational materials, PVA Education Foundation grants help improve the lives of those with SCI/D, their families and caregivers.

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Also in this issue:

PVA From The Top – People Matter

Though machines are very useful, we must remember they’re only resources and not capable of human logic, empathy or human social engagement.

Reasons and Remarks – Improving Our Mutual Welfare

The face-to-face, heartfelt sharing of ideas that can and does change our lives significantly has fallen off in many ways.

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