February 2018 Table of Contents


Rack 'em Up

The PVA/NWPA Billiards Tournament Series provides a unique blend of skill levels, competition, fun and camaraderie.

Stories of Survival

Nearly five months ago, Hurricane Maria pounded Puerto Rico, and as the island slowly recovers, the welfare of PVA members living there is a primary concern for PVA's national leaders.

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Surfing For Accessibility


PVA From the Top – Are You Prepared?

Most of us will never be fully prepared, but for your own good, you should obtain basic knowledge about disaster preparedness.

Reasons and Remarks – Founding PVA

The needs and wants of the PVA founders ... are shared by the members of our organization today.

Around The House

Many people have difficulty using stairs or are wheelchair users needing special home equipment to move from one floor level to another.

On The Hill – What’s In Store?

United States President Donald Trump’s inauguration ushered in a new era in Washington, D.C.

Research Update - SCI Exercise Dosage

For decades, the main message to keep the general population healthy was for everyone to get active.

Exploring Our World – Priceless Portugal

I arrived open to adventure, ready to experience.

Health Smarts – Cyborg Heroes

Technology is all around us. It permeates our daily lives with updates, events and ideas.

Veteran Advisor – In Vitro Fertilization

The inability for some service-connected veterans to have children and make a family has long been a subject of frustration, helplessness and domestic tension for many PVA members and other veterans who have this side effect from their injury.

And Finally – Strong Bonds

Every holiday I can think of has its traditions, although they vary from person to person.

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