January 2018 Table of Contents


Complete Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs has long been touted as the best health care option for those with SCI/D, and comprehensive lifetime care is why.

Outdoor Fitness

This unique and accessible fitness equipment lets people who use wheelchairs take their workouts outdoors.

On The Fast Track

Featuring breathtaking speed and rocket-like G-forces, para-bobsled is poised to be the newest addition to the Winter Paralympics.

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Also in this issue:

PVA From the Top - Focusing On 2018

Simply put, the quality of care our members receive at the VA doesn’t exist in the private sector.

Reasons & Remarks - Same Old Problems

PVA remains vigilant in its efforts to secure proper staffing levels at our SCI centers.

On The Hill - Realignments & Closures For The VA?

Many facilities are now in serious decline simply because they weren’t upgraded or modernized and because Congress continues to provide inadequate funding for the VA’s infrastructure needs. Now, many of those facilities face the possibility of closure because of that neglect.

People - Pushing Pain Away

After serving 19 years and four months in the Army, the 41-year-old managed to survive injuries to his elbow, shoulder, chest, spine, abdomen, hands, hips, knees and jaw and being hit by a mortar round during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Research Update - Stimulating Advancements

A study published in the October issue of Scientific Reports describes the recovery of motor function in a research participant who previously had received long-term activity-based training along with spinal-cord epidural stimulation (scES).

Just For Women - New Year, New Love

Our faith can be tested in the time of enduring our greatest afflictions, one of which is, “Will I ever date again, be married or have children after my injury?” The answer is a huge, “Yes!”

Innovations - Take Control With A Roll-In UTV

A veteran-owned business is aiming to make it easier for individuals with mobility impairments and their families to explore some of the most rugged terrain.

Veteran Advisor - Non-Service Connected Pension

One of the most misunderstood benefits the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers is Non-Service Connected Pension (NSCP).

And Finally - Money Resolution

The last year has been a trying one, to say the least.

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