November 2017 Table of Contents


Wheel Knowledge

Selecting and obtaining the most appropriate wheelchair to meet your needs requires plenty of research and expertise.

The Shirts Off Their Backs

Veterans Day is every day for these companies that make cool clothing with a messages and give back to their fellow vets.

Health Care Champions

From suicide prevention to strengthening community care, the 7th annual PVA Summit + Expo aimed to inspire and educate health professionals and ultimately improve care for those with SCI/D.

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Also in this issue:

PVA From The Top - Find Meaning for Our Veterans

Our patriotic investment in our country’s story is, in part, what Veterans Day means to me.

Reasons and Remarks - Thanks, Dr. Custis

During PVA's 1992 convention in San Diego, I had the opportunity to meet a man who brought incredible clout and credibility to one of PVA’s most important missions.

People - Learning He’s Not Invincible

“That was kind of tough for me. I couldn’t be a hands-on kind of dad. I don’t have much balance. I’m just scared I’m going to break him,” Razak says

On the Hill - From The Choice Program To CARE

When the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 (Choice Program) was first created in the wake of the Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) scandal, it was riddled with administrative problems.

Health Smarts - Take Care Of The Caregiver

Most people are willing to help family and friends in need but often don’t know what they can do to help. Be honest with those who care.

Viewpoint - That’s How We Roll

The expression, “confined to a wheelchair,” doesn’t apply. The chair is liberating. With it, I’m able to enjoy life as a participant; without it, I’m merely an observer.

Around the House - Entering Your Home

Does the access to your home serve you as well as it could?

Veteran Advisor - Family Insurance

Many of you reading this article are veterans with spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D) who received care from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). But how do you ensure your family is getting good health care, too?

And Finally - Keep Dreaming

I’ve spent the last two articles talking about the heroism of veterans, all of whom played important parts in World War II

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