August 2017 Table of Contents


Riding High

A free program imported from the United Kingdom is helping people with SCI experience the freedom and fun of riding an adapted two-wheeled motorcycle.

Above Par

A fully accessible 18-hole golf course in Washington is giving injured veterans a place to relax and heal through the power of sport.

Thinking and Moving

The first recipient of implanted brain-recording and muscle-stimulating systems reanimates a limb that has been stilled for eight years.

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Also in this issue:

PVA From The Top - Serving PVA Women's Members

I believe it’s important to serve our female members the best we can and to make them understand they, too, are stakeholders in PVA.

Reasons and Remarks - The Keys, Diving & Camaraderie

In many ways, I’ve taken for granted the support of my fellow veterans, the opportunities to share, learn and reap the benefits of knowing you’re not alone.

On the Hill - The Health Care Debate & Veterans

By the time Congress rolls into the August recess, the House of Representatives and Senate may have passed “repeal and replace” measures for the ACA.

People - Walking With Anthony

Immediately after his accident, Anthony’s family was told he wouldn’t get any better. But he had family support and the drive of his mother, who says she was determined to get him better.

Exploring Our World - Alone in Cancun

I had been planning it for months, and the timing was perfect. I was leaving cold, dreary weather and meeting my good friend, Dawn, to play in the sun.

Veteran Advisor - Housing Grants

If you’re interested in making your home more accessible, you’ll want to take a look at several housing adaption programs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

And Finally - Making Sense Of It

The truth is I don’t know how I was injured. I was unconscious at the time. The best I can do is reiterate what the doctor said happened during the surgery.

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