June 2017 Table of Contents


Accidental Filmmaker

Artemis Joukowsky III and No Limits Media are using film to change the world's perception of people with disabilities.

Ready For Takeoff

Through the air and on the ground, the PVA Cal-Diego Chapter radio control club provides injured veterans with flying fun and a driving distraction.

Take A Seat

Researchers, clinicians and wheelchair users gather to listen, discuss and learn about maintaining a healthy backside at the 33rd International Seating Symposium.

PVA From the Top - A True Honor

I never could have imagined the heroes I’ve met and new friends I’ve made.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus - Thank You For a Rare Privilege

No editorial has been as difficult and emotional to write as this one.

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Also in this issue:

On The Hill - Time to Expand The Caregiver Program

The ability to remain home, with one’s spouse and children, among friends and in a community, is critical to a veteran’s well-being.

Just For Women - Preventing Pressure Sores

While anyone with SCI/D is at a high risk of developing pressure sores, women with SCI/D have additional risk factors of which they should be aware.

Health Smarts - Keep A Healthy Gut

While the vast majority of people in this country have heard these terms, most are unaware of what they are exactly and why they are important

Innovations - Joystick-Driven Disk

GoodLife Mobility founder Dainuri Rott and his team have built joystick-controlled motor add-ons, dubbed Indigo Drive, and a water mobility device called One Disk.

Veteran Advisor - Make Your Choice

While the Choice Program has its limitations and is a temporary solution, veterans should know several concepts in order to effectively use the program.

And Finally - Getting Good Care

Where did you get that wheelchair? How did you get a caregiver? How did you afford that equipment? My answer is always the same: “The VA [Department of Veterans Affairs] helps me.”

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