Feburary 2017 Table of Contents


Gaining Access

Despite the actions of some people and groups, it's not always necessary to file a lawsuit to have an ADA violation fixed at a business or public facility

Concealed On Wheels

Take a look at some options for carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense when you're in a wheelchair

Berlin Beckons

A city once devastated by war and separated by an infamous wall, Berlin has grown to become a beautiful, vibrant and accessible tourist destination

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Also in this issue:

PVA From the Top - Historic Progress

Paralyzed Veterans of America's national president discusses the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus - Specialized Care

Keep access to specialized care

People - Real life RoboCop

A high-speed pursuit. A car crash. A spinal-cord injury

Research Update - Brain-Spinal Interface

Swiss scientists have helped monkeys with spinal-cord injuries regain control of non-functioning limbs in research which might one day lead to paralyzed people being able to walk again

Innovations - Daily Living Aids

Getting out of bed, putting on clothes and going to the bathroom – these are activities we do every day of our lives

Health Smarts - Battling the Bulge

One of the major problems that we face in North America is a growing obesity epidemic, and unfortunately, sustaining a spinal-cord injury (SCI) can further increase the risk of weight gain and obesity

Veteran Advisor - New TBI Exams

A traumatic brain injury is a complicated injury with a wide range of symptoms and disabilities

And Finally - True Empathy

Final thoughts from U.S. Navy veteran and author of Rules of Engagement: A Self-Help Guide for Those Overcoming Major Personal Trauma

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