November 2016 Table of Contents


A Community of Care

Networking, robots and the importance of VA spinal-cord injury/disease care were all part of this year's annual PVA Summit + Expo

Immersion Therapy

Two special programs let injured veterans snorkel and scuba dive with whale sharks, manta rays and other amazing marine life at the Georgia Aquarium

Veterans' Voter Guide

It's time to elect a president, and here's what PVA members should know before casting a ballot at the polls this month

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Also in this issue:

From the Top: Running for Vets

I hope we do our small part to unite this nation behind our heroes - George Chmiel

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus - Startling Numbers

We can only speculate on what's leading to the large increase in deaths among our nation's older veterans

Health Smarts - An Alert on AD

Know the signs of autonomic dysreflexia

Research Update - Robotics & Recovery

A research project involving the use of robotics to help people with spinal-cord injuries recover motor functions recently received a financial boost

Viewpoint - Language Barrier

Veteran Advisor - Non-Emergency Care

And Finally - Farm Lessons

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