August 2016 Table of Contents


Change In Care

Four decades ago, spinal-cord injured veterans dealt with troubling care practices at the Bronx VA Hospital. Now, their standard of living has improved.

An Unconquered Spirit

PVA members were among the almost 500 servicemen and women who pushed themselves to the limit at the Invictus Games' first visit to the United States

Certainty Of Purpose

PVA's 70th Annual Convention was an opportunity to remember the past while looking forward to changing lives and building brighter futures for seriously injured veterans.

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Also in this issue:

Support For Women Veterans

We need to better understand all of women veterans' concerns so we can be more effective advocates for them.

Still Struggling

The theme of what I've been writing about is the struggle that we're engaged in to make things easier for ourselves and those who follow us.

Speedy Spotlight

Michael W. Burns has worn many hats in his life.

What’s In Your Diet?

The unique needs of individuals with spinal-cord injuries (SCI) leave questions about diet.

Open & Shut

Automatic doors are a common and convenient part of life

Your VA Rating

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) claims process can often be confusing and frustrating.

Gratitude Lesson

"You can ignore your troubles all you want to, but tomorrow they will still be there."

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