March 2016 Table of Contents


Gulf Shores Getaway

Wonderful beaches, beautiful Gulf Coast sunsets, tasty seafood, accessible natural attractions and more await along the surprising shores of Alabama

Security Rules

Going through airport security takes time and is frustrating, but knowing the rules and your rights will make it a quicker and better experience for everyone involved

Room Service

Locating an accessible hotel room for your next trip can be challenging, but a little planning and a few questions will make your next stay more enjoyable

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Also in this issue:

PVA From the Top: Setting Priorities

PVA has to be exceptionally loud this year as the November elections approach

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus: Thanks, Homer

PVA Publications editor recalls the work of PVA executive director Homer S. Townsend Jr

Innovations: Power Up

From manual to power and back again. Innovative designs to help keep you going

Health Smarts: Sexuality

Sexuality is an important factor in our lives; it sums up our sexual habits and the desires we have as sexual beings. It allows people to express their physical and emotional needs of intimacy.

Veteran Advisor: Your Sexual Health

In today's U.S. military, women are serving in higher numbers than ever before and poses new challenges to both health care and enjoyment

PVA Points: Change at PVA

There was an unexpected change to the Paralyzed Veterans of America national leadership earlier this year

PVA Points: Exoskeletons

Paralyzed Veterans of America pleased about the Department of Veterans Affairs' decision to help veterans with spinal-cord injury get exoskeletons

PVA Points: Storm Help

Paralyzed Veterans of America pitched in to help those affected by powerful storms over the Christmas holiday weekend last December

PVA Points: Making Tracks

Several Paralyzed Veterans of America members in Michigan, Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas are literally making tracks this spring thanks to the generosity of employees of a Novi, Mich., based electric transmission company

Newsbeat: Pedestrian Crashes

Wheelchair users may be more likely to die in collisions with cars than other pedestrians, an analysis of U.S. crash data suggests

Newsbeat: Implantable Devices

People with a spinal-cord injury or stroke could have their mobility improved or even restored thanks to a new technology – implantable devices

Newsbeat: Exoskeleton Study

The Department of Veterans Affairs will conduct a first-of-its-kind national study to examine the impact of exoskeletal-assisted walking in the home and community setting

Newsbeat: Job Discrimination

Employers are more likely to discriminate against highly qualified job applicants who have disabilities than equally qualified candidates who don’t, according to a study by Rutgers University and Syracuse University

Sports & Rec: Eyes on NVWG

The 36th annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Salt Lake City is only a few months away

Sports & Rec: Invictus Games

The world's only international adaptive sporting event for injured active-duty and veteran service members is coming to the United States for the first time this year

And Finally: Up the Rabbit Hole

As human beings, we often speak using metaphors that can best visually describe our experiences and emotions

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