January 2016 Table of Contents


The Right Stuff

Can’t find a nearby gym? These pieces of indoor workout equipment make it easy and convenient to stay on top of your fitness goals right from the comfort of home

Come On In

Using visitability in the design process is a growing and simple way to make single-family homes more usable and accessible to wheelchair users, the elderly and others

Get Your Check Up

An annual checkup through a VA SCI/D center is an opportunity for veterans to be healthy, keep their wheelchairs in good working order and to prevent or catch problems early

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PVA From the Top:

We’re long overdue as a nation to recognize Vietnam veterans

Reason & Remarks Redivivus: Plan Ahead

The first wealth is health

Around the House: Get a Lift at Home

Getting in and out of bed, a wheelchair or elsewhere with spinal-cord injury or disease isn’t too much trouble if you're young, have good upper body mobility or someone else is helping. But what if you’re getting older, aren't as mobile or are on your own?

Exploring Our World: Memphis Memories

The aroma of lip-smacking barbecue wafts in the air and the lonesome sound of a train whistle is ever present in Memphis

Health Smarts: Annual Check Up

It's a good idea for everyone to get an annual medical checkup, but it’s especially important if you have spinal-cord injury or disease and not every medical facility or health care provider has the expertise to do it right.

Veteran Advisor: Clothing Change

Rips at the seams. Overstretched material. Stained sleeve cuffs. Stained, discolored areas. Wear and tear. These are the hidden inconveniences of life in a wheelchair

PVA Points: Candidates Call

It's time to think about elections for the PVA Board of Directors

PVA Points: Award for PAVE

Operation PAVE is officially one of the best programs in the country for helping veterans find work

PVA Points: Fellowship Honor

2015 Fritz Krauth Memorial Fellowship Award

PVA Points: Going Hog Wild

UPS employees and PVA enjoy some outdoor recreation with a wild boar hunt

PVA Points: Vietnam Honors

PVA honors 37 of its Vietnam War veteran members

PVA Points: Hit the Trial

First-ever specifically built accessible trail head opens

PVA Points: remembering Rigo

Paralyzed Veterans of America remembers longtime PVA National Secretary Frank Rigo

Newsbeat: Going to College

A new research study has a list of specific recommendations for colleges and universities to help students with spinal-cord injury or disease

Newsbeat: First Steps

New brain-computer interface technology helps man with spinal-cord injury walk

Newsbeat: Brain Detour

Brain chip could help people with spinal-cord injury regain mobility

Sports & Rec: Jarvis Pushes Adaptive Golf

Veteran helps fellow veterans discover an adaptive sport that had yet to fully take off – golf

Sports & Rec: Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive ski instructor changing paralyzed veteran's lives through skiing

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