October 2015 Table of Contents


Paving the Way

Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Operation PAVE is much more than an employment program for veterans with disabilities.

Honoring Accessibility

A champion of the disability and veterans’ community, former Sen. Bob Dole receives PVA’s inaugural Gordon H. Mansfield Congressional Leadership Award.

Holistic Help

It’s no secret that SCI/D comes with complications. When conventional drug therapies aren’t enough, these complimentary and alternative options come to the rescue.

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Also in this issue:

Operation PAVE

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which benefits every paralyzed veteran who wants to work

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

If you don't have a plan, you'll be part of someone else's

Taking Command

A leader in Paralyzed Veterans of America's (PVA) Government Relations department is now heading a prestigious Army National Guard division

Supporting VR&E

Department of Veterans Affairs’ Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Training for Change

Late summer training for PVA National Service Officers

Cookies for PVA

Give PVA a boost this holiday season

Research update

A team of graduate students could provide a new method of high-quality to patients with SCI/D

Health Smarts

When it comes to people with spinal-cord injury or disease exercising, what’s more important, endurance or strength training?

3-D Spines

3-D printed spine approved by the FDA

Reproductive Bill Pulled

A bill to help veterans with injuries that prevent them from naturally conceiving a child was pulled from the Senate

Explore Washington

A new travel guide written by a Barrier-Free Travel guide writer helps wheelchair users explore the wilderness of Washington state

Mind Control

Stanford University found a way to make brain-controlled keypads more accurate

Flexible Funding

VA Secretary Bob McDonald talks before PVA at 69th annual Convention

Bowled Over

Paralyzed Veterans of America member Alvin Uttecht is one of the most decorated wheelchair bowlers in history

New Racing Wheelchairs

Rio de Janiero 2016 Paralympic athletes will be competing with new state-of-the-art wheelchairs come next summer

Fox is First

Paralyzed Veterans of America vice president Joe Fox nabbed himself a shooting title

Alaska Challenge

PVA racing team takes on the Alaska Challenge

Barber is Top Angler

Fishing sports enable an equal playing field for both able-bodied and anglers with disabilities

Education Benefit

It seems like you need a college degree to learn how to pay for college for yourself or family member

Facing Fear

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