December 2013 Table of Contents


Healthy Holidays

Eating a healthful diet is a trying feat, especially during the holidays. Stay on track with these 14 tips.

Changing of the Guard

After more than 60 years of service standing watch over PVA, "Speedy" has officially retired and a new logo has stepped up to take his place.

A Look Back

Getting benefits to injured vets, stem cell research and amazing people helped make 2013 a year to remember.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Don't know what to get that hard-to-buy-for person on your holiday shopping list? These ideas will help.

Will Power

The National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic helped Marine Corps veteran Will Ward find a "whole" feeling.

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A Fishing Win

We can only improve our service to you if you let us know if we are succeeding in our mission or where we need to do more.

Holiday Morale

The need for a boost in morale that can only be provided by speaking to loved ones still exists among today's service members.

Don't Forget the Hall

The design of passageways (hallways) is important in a truly functional Universal Design home.

Obamacare Q&A

For those who are affected by the Affordable Care Act, here are answers to important questions.

Travel Bug

Plan an accessible trip with the help of a new website.

Employee Equality

DOL rule changes to help vets and people with disabilities in job search.

Participants Needed

SCI study seeks injured war veterans.

HERL Award

Research lab at University of Pittsburgh honored for supporting people with disabilities.

Fun for All

Directory provides details on accessible playgrounds across the nation.

Lining up at Disney

Changes made at Florida and California theme parks will help accommodate individual needs of all guests.

Barrier Free

SPIRE Institute in Ohio earns Barrier-Free America Award.

Loving Their Car

Three paralyzed vets get retrofitted Toyota vans.

Americana Gala

PVA honors individuals and companies for making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

General Surprise

PVA's Jeff Dolezal participates in promotion ceremony for Air Force friend.

Vitamin D & MS

Lack of sun exposure and deficiency in vitamin D are associated with multiple sclerosis.

Gateway to Gold

Olympic champ Bode Mille gives boost to program helping Paralympic Movement.

Paralympic TV

Television coverage expanded for upcoming Paralympic Games.

Palmer on Point

Billiards season wraps up with New England PVA event.

SCI & Immunity

Fight against infections for people with SCI shows progress in Ohio State University study.

A New Game

Author gets over the hump of PTSD and depression with the help of her psychiatrist.

Sex Talk

DVD helps health care professionals who have SCI patients.

Eating Right

Nutritional needs is topic for SCI Forum video.

Shoulder Pain and Injury

SCI Forum video focuses on techniques and exercise.

Christmas Joy

Tips for the holiday season.

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