October 2013 Table of Contents


Cart Smarts

Eating right and staying healthy starts at the grocery store.

Sailing Warriors

A group of veterans and wounded warriors took on one of the top sailing events on the East Coast.

Teaming up in Tampa

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games don't happen without thousands of volunteers coming together to help.

Surfing for Work

People with spinal-cord injuries find job opportunities, information and career networking on the Internet.

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Kind Words

It gives me great pleasure to see that once again there is a sense of patriotism and support.

Nature & Freedom

My injury in service to my country took a lot of things from me. What it didn't take is the pride I have in living in the greatest nation on earth.

Evacuation Plan

Thinking ahead and having a plan ready to go when heading for a safe location is a must.

Digital Life After Death

Whether you provide detailed instructions through a letter stored in a deposit box or you use one of the many available services, it’s important to think about your digital life when trying to plan for the unexpected.

PVA Elections

Paralyzed Veterans of America Executive Committee elected at August national convention.

Backlog Decrease

VA reports 20 percent drop in the number of backlogged claims from a peak that was hit around April.

Security Break

New law puts those who have been injured while serving on the airport security fast track.

Joining Forces

Twenty countries to share information in advancing disability rights.

Make it Mobile

MobilityWorks acquisition expands its services to consumers and businesses.

Good Grief!

A progressive disease like multiple sclerosis can drag a person through the grief process again and again.

Dirty Electricity

Although the emergence of countless electronic devices has transformed our lives, we’re now immersed within an electromagnetic cloud.

When to Retire

Many factors should be taken into consideration as you decide when to retire.

Food Therapy

New book helps people with SCI take control of their associated complications by adjusting daily diets.

Study: Pot not too hot for MS

Synthetic Cannabis/marijuana derivative does not slow multiple sclerosis progression.

Millions for ALS

ALS Association receives research grants supporting 35 new projects.

Riluzole Promise

Drug appears to preserve motor function for persons with cervical injuries.

Big Apple Race

Following cancellation caused by Hurricane Sandy, New York City Marathon competitors looking forward to this year's event.

Vets Medal Haul

Army vets Ce-Ce Mazyck, Scot Severn and Scott Winkler lead Team USA at IPC Athletics World Championships.

More Than Meets The Eye

Wounded Warrior Battalion and PVA Cal-Diego compete in air rifle/pistol event in San Diego.

A Soothing Shower

Curbless shower is key feature for accessible and life span living.

Veterans & MS

Information is provided for veterans regarding multiple sclerosis benefits.

Be a Spouse First

The person who treats his spouse purely as a caregiver will eventually end up with just a caregiver for a wife and exist in an emotionless marriage.

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