September 2013 Table of Contents


A Grand Love

There are challenges, but SCI hasn’t stopped these ladies and many others from the joys of being a grandparent.

An Old Twist on Health

Age-old alternative medicine treatments are showing promise and growing in use to help people with SCI.

Stimulating Steps

Functional electrical stimulation is powering a host of health benefits for people with SCI.

Building Brighter Futures

Almost $300,000 in education grants from PVA is going to work to help veterans and others with spinal-cord injuries.

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Also in this issue:

Let PVA Know

PVA needs to know your concerns in order to help you.

Cliff Notes

Many people's lives were shaped by the influence of Cliff Crase.

Commode Conundrum

The study of transferring from a wheelchair to another surface.

Concept Car

BraunAbility hopes innovative SUV changes the way people think about mobility transportation.

Made in the USA

FTA decision to benefit people with physical disabilities.

Lifeline for Drivers

The ability to drive gives people with disabilities a wider range of opportunities.

Guidelines for Passenger Vessels

U.S. Access Board releases for public comment proposed ADA guidelines for passenger vessels.

Stories of TM

Transverse Myelitis: Our Stories is a compilation of 20 stories of people who are affected by TM.

New Life

After a tragic fall that left her with C5 quadriplegia, Tasha Schuh tells how she has embraced life from her state-of-the-art wheelchair.

Making Changes

My Extraordinary Life tells how Monica Sucha Vickers addresses the realities of being born a congenital triple amputee.

A New Life Stage

Fear and anxiety are part of the human condition.

Benefits to Go

Government benefits programs can be located easily.

VA Claims Online

VA working to get all claims processed faster.

Money for Homes

Seriously injured vets to receive help in home ownership.

Cleaning Out the Backlog

Progress made in clearing out older claims.

Poetic Healing

Poetry comforts caregiver in fighting sadness and frustration.

Money for Birdies

Low golf scores help paralyzed veterans and their families.

New Director

Butler now directs PVA Sports & Recreation.

More Paralympics

More medals available for winning at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

NVWG Impact

Economic impact huge for 2013 Games.

Help for Buying Cars

Eligibility for Auto Grant is explained.

You're Not a Number

The medicine goes down much easier when it is delivered with a smile.

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