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Back to School

Veterans with disabilities are finding better success in higher education after serving our country.

The Right Touch

How do you find the right caregiver?

Ready for Retirement?

Make sure your bills and expenses are covered before you decide to leave the workforce for good.

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Lounging in Long Beach

A famous ship, the beach, elections and more await at the PVA national convention.

The Process is the Journey

Some of the most enjoyable experiences for me as an architect designing for others has been the process of working with and learning from my clients and mentors along the way. Gaining knowledge from customers and teachers in universal product and home design is like a road trip. The process is the journey, and you’re the tour guide.


This supplement is a potential therapy for people with spinal cord injury.

Sexual Balance

Traditionally, there has been a tendency to view these changes strictly as a medical issue. With all the latest advances in the field of sexual medicine, most doctors believe problems such as erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and other issues can easily be treated with a pill, injection or a topical cream. Although for years I’ve been (and continue to be) a strong advocate for medications such as Viagra, Cialis and testosterone, there is a danger in seeking a purely physical solution. Unfortunately, medications can often be used as a “quick fix” for a sexual problem.

Dropping My Guard

Life has more meaning if you stop building your own obstacles.

Call Up a Seat

Control your wheelchair seat with an app for smartphones.

Lobby for You

Advocacy can be very fulfilling, and you can help affect your own future.

Shinseki Support

The VA claims backlog isn't all Secretary Shinseki's fault.

Stay Wound Up

Our bodies have an internal clock that is running down.

Golf for PAVE

Afternoon on the links funds program that helps vets find jobs.

Assistive Tech

New video highlights latest assistive technology for the workplace.

Sell Online

Website helps people with disabilities find work and earn money.

Equal to the Task

ODEP announces 2013 National Disability Employment Awareness Month theme.

Are Two Better Than One?

When it comes to

Fusing Nerves

One of the nation’s top universities and a leading company in regenerative medicine are teaming up on a million-dollar grant to support nerve regeneration technology.

Heading North

Health Canada has given its approval for StemCells, Inc., to expand its Phase I/II clinical trial for chronic spinal-cord injury (SCI) north of the border.

Stem Cell Grafts

Researchers at the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine say a single injection of human neural stem cells produced neuronal regeneration and improvement of function and mobility in rats impaired by an acute spinal-cord injury (SCI).

Treating PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder can occur after any traumatic event.

A Letter for Moving On

Jerry McGill was 13 years old when a stranger shot him in the back as he was walking home through the projects of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, N.Y. The boy survived to spend his life as a wheelchair user; his assailant was never caught. McGill wrote Dear Marcus: A Letter to the Man Who Shot Me not for his assailant (whom he named Marcus) but for people who endure, manage and are determined to move on.

Disability Rights

Global Impact is about disabled women activists who are changing the world, newly formed international partnerships that promote inclusive societies and Pakistani activists coming to the United States.

Living Their Dreams

A 60-second public service announcement from Paralyzed Veterans of America

Research Success

Author Jennifer French writes in On My Feet Again how a snowboarding accident and bad news from doctors wouldn't keep her from taking part in a clinical trial that allows her to stand and move.

Attitude Adjustment

Best When Broken tells the story of Scott Coleman who learned that

Internet Dating

Internet Dating 101: It’s Complicated But It Doesn’t Have To Be is a guide to handling your romantic life in the new digital age.

VA Unclogging?

The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) Community of Practice is promising to clean out the backlog of benefit claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

SCI Vets at Home

Researchers at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and Wayne State University’s (Detroit) Institute of Gerontology are looking at how veterans with spinal-cord injuries re-engage with their communities and need more participants.

Mall Build

A new program to help build and repair homes for veterans took center stage on the National Mall in June.

Housing Support

A bill to help low-income or disabled veterans make housing adaptations and repairs is getting support from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).

Better With Age

Paralyzed Veterans of America handcycle team member David Swaim

Ultimate Victory

Ecuador's Bayron Lopez

New NOD Form

VA has added a new form to its rating decision notification letters.

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