June 2013 Table of Contents


Standing Tall

June is the ideal month to read about one father and daughter as they take a very special walk down her wedding aisle.

Everyone in the Pool

Wheelchair travelers need to take more action to make sure hotel pools meet accessibility standards.

Game Changer

The Winter Sports Clinic helps Marine Corps veteran get back in the game and start a new business.

Backing Vet Benefits

Equipment and financial assistance headline the annual PVA Advocacy Seminar.

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Also in this issue:

What's in a Word?

Encourage proper terminology when referring to family caregivers.

Sleep Safe and Sound

A good accessible bedroom is extremely important for someone who has a spinal cord injury or disease.

Opioid Obstacle

Opioids have been extensively used to treat SCI pain but many side effects exist.

A Helping Hand in the Kitchen

Two projects are designed to improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities when working in the kitchen.

Big Man on Campus

Two campuses in California take accessibility to a higher level, thanks to one man's influence.

Paying It Forward

Consider for a moment how life would differ were it not for our unique organization.

Parenting Stigma

Radical changes have taken place regarding people with disabilities and parenting.

Oh, to be Normal

Instead of blasting people for asking about the worst day of my life, I politely answer their question.

Is Salt at Fault

There could be a connection between salt and multiple sclerosis.

ALS Cell Study

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis affects other cells besides motor neurons.

Food and MS?

Researchers will study how a special food for people with ALS affects multiple sclerosis.

Fold and Go

Foldable wheelchair wheels can make traveling easier.

Airport Security with "Care"

TSA Cares is designed to help travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

Happy Feet

Vets with disabilities can keep shoes and light jackets on when going through airport security.

Cruise the Beach

New program enables beach access in San Diego.


Benefits exist for employers who make room for experienced workers with disabilities.

Better Retention

VA needs to do a better job at retaining workers with disabilities.

Find a Job

Jobs website has new look and improvements.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Get comprehensive information on critical topics in SMA medical care.

Assistance When Aging

Website aids people with spinal cord injury.

Devoted Dad

Book describes father's bond with his wheelchair-using son.

Canine Helpers

You can train your dog to assist with tasks of daily living.

Love in Bloom

Book relates stories of wheelchair users and the people who love them.

For Better ZZZs

Video and report focus on causes and consequences of sleep problems of people with spinal cord injury.

You're Not Alone

Spinal cord injury impacts the entire family.

Plain Talk

Resource explains how to decipher medical words.

Transfer Training

Transferring wheelchair users onto some planes may soon become easier.

Step Right Up

Retracting stairs offer style and accessibility while hiding lift.

Quick Prosthetics

A new policy at a VA medical center helps veterans obtain prosthetic device more quickly.

Not Enough

Veterans groups say budget for VA is not enough.

Cooper Honored

Paralympic Committee gives Scientific Award to Rory Cooper, an American researcher and Paralympics medalist.

Top Junior Athlete

Nominations wanted for this year's Junior Athlete of the Year award.

Redlands Rout

Paralyzed Veterans racing team dominates Redlands Bicycle Classic.

50 Marathons

Team Reeve wants to finish 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks.

Disability or Death Due to Care or Treatment

When disability or death result from VA hospital care, surgery or examinations, variables must be considered when filing a claim.

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