April 2013 Table of Contents


Looking for a Spark

A new clinical trial on the use of Schwann cells is among many hopeful SCI studies taking place at the Miami Project.

Underwater Discovery

Results and continued research into scuba diving are generating new hope for people with SCI.

Memories of Mansfield

Gordon Mansfield was a champion, advocate and role model for paralyzed veterans and others with disabilities.

Granting Goals

The PVA Research Foundation awards grants to continue searching for SCI/D treatments.

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Robot Caregivers

Robots can function as caregivers. But should they?

Awesome Apps

No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you want the best and most helpful apps and software to go with it.

PVA's Big Push

April is known as PVA Awareness Month, a nationwide celebration of this organization's efforts to change lives and build futures.

Exercise Does More Than Make You Fit

Working out promotes mental as well as physical health and may help alleviate pain in people with spinal cord injury.

Roll Into an Accessible Garage

To have a truly accessible garage, you have to consider many issues, including ramps, entries, maneuvering room, lighting, and more.

Take Your 401(k) and Roll It

If you wonder what to do with your 401(k) plan, it's important to understand your options.

Nurses Needed

A shortage of nurses should not exist at all, anywhere.

Rules of Engagement

If you decide to live, it should be with purpose.

Stem Cell Study

FDA approves study to determine safety and toxicity of human spinal stem cell transplantation.

Anatabine and MS

Drug found to reduce neurological disability and improve motor coordination in mice.

Vets and Diabetes

VA focuses on reducing the number of veterans who develop diabetes.

Ralph Braun

Mobility pioneer Ralph Braun leaves a significant legacy in the industry.

All About SCI

Spinal Cord Injury Handbook addresses six areas for optimum health and rehab success.

Honest Memoir

Autobiography addresses the loss and injustices that accompany paralysis.

Skin Problems After SCI

Report focuses on proper skin care and the consequences of pressure ulcers.

Poetry in Motion

Anthology contains poetry, essays, and writings about disability.

Hawkes Helps

Actor John Hawkes tells about his connection to the disability community

Write and Speak

HandySpeech mobile app turns written text into spoken words.

Horse Sense

Research foundation accepts proposals to study therapeutic effects of horses on humans.

Toronto Preps

Plans are underway for the Toronto 2015 Parapan Am Games.

Stadium Access

The Liberty Bowl in Memphis will provide more accessibility for people with disabilities.

Retiring on Top

Wheelchair tennis superstar Esther Vergeer announces her retirement from the sport.

Shooting Rules Change

IPC introduces rules to make shooting competitions more exciting.

Emergency Care

When veterans require emergency care, who pays the bill?

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