March 2013 Table of Contents


Ready, Set, Push

Knowing how to properly work with a wheelchair is the key to getting the right one for you,

Off the Beaten Path

Wheelchairs and access issues haven't stopped these travelers from visiting unique places.

Friendly in the Far East

Meeting helpful people made a trip to Japan extra special for this wheelchair traveler.

A Roll in the Hay

The Amish country in Ohio provides a wonderful, beautiful and accessible look at a different way of life.

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That Sinking Feeling

An ever-filling sink describes an ever-increasing disability.

Restroom Respect

When it comes to accessibility, airport restrooms are frustrating for wheelchair users.

Turning a Dream into Reality

A technology enables people to get along better with life following a traumatic event, such as paralysis.

Go With the Flow

Aging on wheels isn't easy, but is surrendering the best solution?

Video Healing

Not al healing concerns the physical body. Posttraumatic stress disorder from combat is a big problem.

Hope for ALS?

Recent research is providing some hope for the thousands of people who have this disease.

Love May Be the Key

Recovery after SCI may depend on love, an ally with immeasurable power.

Sports Objectives

Wheelchair sports played a major role in the conception of PVA in the 1940s. Rehabilitation is still the name of the game.

Job Fair Success

Job fairs can be overwhelming if you don't have a game plan.

Job Database

Employers can access database of candidates with disabilities.

Media Campaign

PSA encourages people to help youths with disabilities.

JAN Webcasts

Free webcasts offer employment information.

Sound Off

Online site is designed to promote passenger airline reviews.

Getting On Board

Collaboration addresses improving the flying experience for people with disabilities.

Track Your Bags

The new tech gadget Trakdot may help passengers who lose luggage.

Take in Tampa

Free travel guide offers information on accessibility in Tampa.

PVA in Forbes

Paralyzed Veterans of America is sole veterans service organization on the prestigious Forbes magazine largest charities list.

Access Issues

People with disabilities having trouble accessing facilities built or renovated with federal dollars can file complaints with Access Board.

Software Contest

VA wants to see new systems that schedule appointments in its nationwide health system.

SCI Drug

Experimental drug has shown improvements in mice.

ADA at Speedway

Thanks to an agreement reached earlier this year, wheelchair visitors to the Indianapolis 500 may find it easier to get around.

Sanchez Makes Team USA

Oscar Sanchez will be part of Paralympics A Team.

Winter Clinic

Veterans head to Colorado for annual winter sports clinic.

Independent Living

For veterans with a total disability rating, a VA program can help with achieving vocational goals and maximum independence in daily living.

Benefits for TBI

VA has a set of rules in order to establish traumatic brain injury related to military service and a protocol to determine compensation.

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