February 2013 Table of Contents


Temperature Gauge

Being too hot or too cold takes on a different and potentially dangerous meaning for wheelchair users who have a spinal-cord injury.

Answers On Weight

No one wants to be obese, and knowing how and why we gain weight goes a long way toward staying healthy.

Padding the Truth

Not all incontinence-management options offer the same level of comfort, safety or financial savings.

The Sound of Love

No disability can silence two people's attraction, especially when they get a little technological help.

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Also in this issue:

Caring Valentines

This Valentine's Day, be sure to recognize your caregivers by saying thank you.

Acupuncture and Pain

Acupuncture may be one of the better known non pharmaceutical approaches for treating

Winning the Battle Against UTIs

New techniques and technology help prevent and treat urinary tract infections.

John H. (Jack) Michaels

Past National PVA President Jack Michaels devoted his life to serving others.

Carlos Rodriguez

Past National President Carlos Rodriguez helped make PVA history.

Porn Addiction

Thanks to today's technology, accessibility isn't an issue. But regular viewing can be addicting and result in changes in the brain.

Easy Laundry Day

Doing laundry can be difficult for wheelchair users, but there are ways to make this chore easier.

Never Ever Stop Dreaming

When adversity happens, find a way to cope with it and don't give up on your dreams.

Knowing Health Rights and Friends

Veterans need to know what VA benefits they're entitled to receive and who to see when problems arise.

Scuba in Siciliy

A sports-related adventure is just one of the accessible vacation packages available in and near the Sicilian coastal city of Catania.

Small Bus Line Notice Needed

New guidance warns that passengers on trips with segments that include small bus carriers may be stranded if they don't request lift-equipped coach in advance.

Chicago Taxis

Group hopes to show Chicago cabbies that accessible taxis are great business opportunity.

Young Talent

Gage Martinez and Jamarea Welch are tops in Veteerans Day poster and essay contest.

Your Connection

The disability.gov website celebrates its tenth anniversary.

PVA Disappointed

US Senate fails to ratify UN rights treaty.

Vet Volunteers

Million veteran program marks major milestone in the history of VA research.

Workplace Flexibility

Office of Disability Employment Policy offers a collection of resources to help balance work and life.

Heroes on the Homefront

Task force report says veteran owned businesses create jobs.

Employer Database

Workforce Recruitment Program database lists thousands of candidates for federal and private-sector employers.

Friends, Family and Trapshooting

The PVA National Trapshoot Circuit welcomes participants with or without a disability. The sport has great appeal to nonveterans as well as veterans such as Charlie Oman.

Boccia Cup in the Heartland

In August, athletes with severe disabilities will head to Kansas for the next Boccia Americas Cup.

Almost Time for Tampa

Preparations for the annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games are underway in the Sunshine State.

Aid and Attendance

Veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses may be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit, which is non service-connected.

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