January 2013 Table of Contents


Winter Wonderland

The winter months are a great time to have fun keeping your body and mind active and healthy.

Pressure Relief

Proper management and prevention of pressure ulcers make a big difference for people with spinal-cord injuries.

To Your Health

Five simple and easy ways for wheelchair users to give their health an extra boost in 2013.

The Art of Healing

The National Veterans Creative Arts Festival helps vets show others their talents while helping themselves mend.

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Syringomelia is an uncommon but disabling complication of spinal cord injury.

Remembering My Purpose

Wouldn't it be great to go through a new year with a sense of accomplishment each month?

It Suits You

Finding adaptive clothing is not always easy, especially when you are a wheelchair user.

Virtual Wheelchair

Virtual reality has gone far beyond the realm of Hollywood movies and now helps wheelchair users.

Link Up

When it comes to looking for a job or connecting with business professionals, LinkedIn is the network to use.

Better Service for Air Travelers

A new program promises to alleviate the dismal service situation for travelers with disabilities.

Help for Workers

Videos offer help to develop and strengthen six essential skills needed to succeed in today's work force.

Overcoming Challenges

Unemployment rate for disabled veterans is said to be misleading.

Don't Judge

How can we enjoy life when it's not so good to us?

A Unique Friend

PVA Past National President Victor McCoy was dedicated to PVA and helping veterans.

Paying the Price of Freedom

Medals do not go to all the people who deserve them for paying part of the price of freedom.

Get Connected

Website focuses on the integral role people with disabilities play in American society.

Ten Questions for Your Doctor

A simple question could help you feel better, take better care of yourself, or save your life.

New Technology

Exoskeleton technology, allowing some people with spinal cord injury to walk, gets licensing agreement.

PVA Mourns Passing of Victor McCoy

Past National President Victor McCoy passes away in October.

Nevada PVA Fund-raiser

Antique pencil-dispenser to help Nevada PVA raise funds.

Life With Polio

Memoir by Linda Christianson encourages people to find the positives in life.

Journeys Through Life

Paralysis changed his life in more ways than Stephen Byrne could ever imagine.

Technology in Paralympic Sports

Conference in May will focus on equipment and technical issues.


The eBenefits portal is an online resource for injured servicemembers, veterans, and their families and caregivers.

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