December 2012 Table of Contents


Tis the Season

Take a little guesswork out of gift giving this holiday season with these innovative ideas for wheelchair users.

Rolling on the Web

This website offers specific information, help, advice and hope for women in wheelchairs.

Reaching New Heights

The VA summer sports clinic gives disabled veterans a can do spirit.

The People, Places & Things of 2012

Gold medals, stem cell research, and exoskeletons were all part of what made 2012 unique.

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Also in this issue:

Vitamin D and Pain

We have become a vitamin D-deficient society. This nutrient seems to alleviate chronic pain, but it's uncertain how much supplementation can lessen the unique pain of people with SCI/D.

Year End Tax Planning

Whether or not you have a disability, these tips can help you get ready to discuss your tax situation.

More Than Dirty Laundry

If you are a wheelchair user, locating the laundry area on your home's main level is the only practical solution.

A Civil Christmas

In the United States, a bloody conflict results in a new celebration.

One VA...NOT

VA should stop bickering about who pays for what and provide quality service.

Auld Lang Syne

Toast the new year with an open heart as well as a a glass of bubbly.

Exercise and Diet

Maintaining pooper eating habits when you are following an exercise program is the Achilles heel for most people.

Yogurt and You

If you have intestinal troubles, probiotics and digestive enzymes may be beneficial to you.

Patient Power?

Knowledge from pharmacogenomic information and genomic susceptibility information could negatively impact how much power you as a patient really have.

Barrier Free at the University of Illinois

PVA presents 2012 Barrier-Free America Award to the University of Illinois.

Holy Land Trip

A fully accessible trip enables travelers to experience Israel and Jordan, an area home to three major world religions.

New York Taxis

New program dispatches accessible taxis in New York City.

Wheels on a Ferris Wheel

The accessible Seattle Great Wheel offers incredible views of the city and Elliott Bay.

Workplace Toolkit

Resource emphasizes flexibility around job tasks and what work is done.

Initiative Funds

Disability Employment Initiative allots more than $20 million to seven states.

Work on Wheels

Employees in New Zealand get better understanding of what it's like to work in a wheelchair.

Disability Inclusion

Seminar offers information on disability inclusion practicies.

Wreaths Across America

On December 15, wreath-laying ceremonies will take place all across the United States.

What's in a Sign?

Access sign receives modern look.

Money on Wheels

Vermont cycling event raises money to support spinal-cord-injury prevention and ski-racing safety.

Gala Honors

PVA Americana Gala recognizes donors and celebrates employment campaign.

Personal Accounts

Spinal-cord injury connects personal life stories in essay form.

From Poodles to Papillons

In teams of humans and canines, neither partner is perfect but together they make a magical union.

Journey of Discovery

Paraplegic carves out a rewarding life in a rugged rural landscape.

True Fiction

Broken Into Pieces is a fictionalized account of a true story.

Treating Spasticity

Video offers information about implanted programmable baclofen pump for spasticity management.

No Flight Plan Needed

High-speed trains and accessible buses give airlines competition in some parts of the U.S.

Buying an Accessible Vehicle

Sort through the issues by answering five questions for choosing a mobility conversion vehicle.

Family Gets Free Wheelchair Van

Bussani Mobility Team provides wheelchair-accessible van to single mom and her son.

Rims on the Run

Novice and elite racers from across the country gather for the second annual Rims on the Run handcycle competition.

Most Rewarding

Trapshooter Tim Doyle says encouraging new shooters is the most rewarding part of the sport.

Hans Hangs On

Charlie Hans survives showdown to win Kentucky-Indiana PVA Wheelchair 9-Ball Classic.

ALS Benefits

A rating change since 2008 increases monthly compensation and entitles veterans with ALS to additional benefits.

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