September 2012 Table of Contents


Are YOU Prepared?

Put together the right plan to keep you and your family safe in csae of an emergency.

Hope Without Dope

Drugs and alcohol don't help life after spinal-cord injury, but plenty of people and programs do.

Chill Out

Come along on the Sea Wolf for a unique, accessible cruise of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

Return to Richmond

Origiinal National Veterans Wheelchair Games participants see the event grow into something bigger than only sports.

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Also in this issue:

Spirit of the Games

Phil Rosenberg encourages other paralyzed veterans in the true spirit of the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Pain and SCI

Pain is an unfortunate but common reality for people with spinal-cord injury.

Where Are the Wheelers?

Print and television ads should feature people with visible disabilities.

Growing Old On Wheels

New series will focus on topics related to aging and disability.

Transfer Technique

Overuse of upper-extremities causes major physical problems for wheelchair users who transfer.

Things Are Going Swimmingly Well

Fund-raising effort through Swim With Mike helps people with disabilities go back to college.


Going into partial retirement entails many things to think about and new challenges to meet.

The Last Frontier

A land and sea tour of Alaska offers challenges as well as a terrific travel experience.

More Time

VA to simplify veteran-owned business verification process and double time before reverification.

Tech Help

Online series focuses on accessible technology in the work place.

Ready for Take-off

Able Flight provides aviation training for people with disabilities.

Hospital Selection

Guidebook tells how to get the best healthcare possible.

The Challenge of MS

Live fully, fight back, and hope for the best is message in Despite MS, to Spite MS.

Disability, Love, Sex…and Jobs?

The book Lovers Lame is an effort to raise public awareness about disability issues.

Emotional Assistance for Caregivers

Three books address caregivers' emotional challenges.

The Power of the Human Mind

In a study, people who are paralyzed use their minds to control a robot. The project forms the basis of an interface that will allow them to operate a computer.

On to London

Before heading to the Paralympics, the top handcyclists in the U.S. raced each other in the USA Cycling and Para-Cycling National Championships.

Time for Tampa

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games will take place in Tampa in July 2013.

Sailing Vets

Sail To Prevail sponsors third annual veterans-only sailing event.

Online Fitness

SCI Total Fitness launches online exercise program for people with spinal cord injury.

Glucose for Paralysis?

A fuel cell that runs on glucose could drive brain implants to help paralyzed individuals move arms and legs.

Everyday Solutions

Sharing ideas ca help someone else and even win a grand prize.

A Long Struggle

Vietnam Veterans Memorial education center finally gets preliminary approval.

Sightseeing in LA

Tour company agrees to provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

See the Big Picture

Each financial goal comes with a price tag. That's where financial planning comes in.

ADA Liability

We need to complain when we see violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Thanks, Pappy!

The VA Healthcare System offers a leading SCI treatment program, thanks to Dr. Ernest "Pappy" Bors.

The Military and Civil Service Pensions

The Civilian Federal Employee Retirement System offers an excellent opportunity for veterans to earn pension income from their time served on active duty.

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