August 2012 Table of Contents


Worse-for-Wear Wheelchairs

Study sheds light on problems with failing wheelchairs covered by Medicare/Medicaid.

Granting Hope

The PVA Education Foundation awards more than $250,000 in grants to help improve the lives of people with spinal-cord injury/disease.

A Pool of Inspiration

Swimmer Wayne Field overcame the odds and influences others at the National Veterans Golden Age Games.

Cool Canada

August is a great month to enjoy milder temperatures on Canada's Atlantic Coast.

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Also in this issue:

Low Sexual Desire

After spinal-cord injury, a significant number of people find their sexual interest and desire remain low for prolonged periods of time.

The Risks of Cholesterol Drugs

Cholesterol is an essential molecule for the body, especially for the nervous system and spinal cord.

We Always Have a Choice

This woman with SCI weighs invasive or noninvasive treatments for a bladder issue.

Regenerative Impact

Trials to help regenerate nerve fibers in spinal-cord injury are among therapies presented at syposium.

Hospice Heroes

Hospice counselors provide support to end-of-life veterans and their caregivers.

Service Dog Safety

Keeping service dogs safe while they work is important for handler and dog.


Many people have an issue with controlling how much food they eat.

Cooler Dog Days

Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures can affect your health. Most vulnerable are people who have a chronic medical condition.

Two Thumbs Up

Documentary focuses on adaptive sports.


Spinal-cord and brain injuries are focus of webinars for healthcare professionals.

Caregivers' Guide

The Comfort of Home provides tips for people caring for someone who is aging or has a chronic illness or disability.

No Needle Needed

Researchers have engineered a device that delivers medicine through the skin without use of a needle.

Summer Travel

When you're planning a vacation or other trip,

Hit the Road

A new accessible-travel guide can help you bypass airport hassles by hitting the road.

Flying Snakes?

For wheelchair users, air travel is still nothing short of a hazardous adventure.

App Challenge

Labor office contest seeks disability-related application to help employers and disabled job seekers.

Video Winners

Campaign for Disability Employment contest has three winners.

State Data Online

Rating of state employers regarding discrimination now on the Internet.

Banker's Hours

A new online program is available for veterans interested in joining the banking industry.

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin'

My most important achievement to date is getting a service dog to help me remain independent.

Get Out and Win!

Prizes and photo contest highlight summer-vacation contest.

Treaty Support

In addition to recognizing the value of equal access in all areas of life, The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will protect disabled Americans who work and travel abroad.

Be Heard

Improved voice searches on computers and smartphones is in development.

Smart Underwear

A new type of underwear may help prevent pressure ulcers in people with stroke or spinal-cord injuries.

Land of Lincoln Bass Fishing

Anglers with disabilities land tournament limits in Illinois bass event.

Wheelchair Billiards Offers Even Play Level

Despite a low finish in the Sunshine State 9-Ball Classic, Charles Interrante enjoys the challenge of wheelchair billiards.

Mr. Perfect

Wheelchair bowler Sean Beam rolls his way to a perfect game.

VA Home Loans

Does the Department of Veterans Affairs offer mortgage loans?

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