June 2012 Table of Contents


Richmond Roots

History is on display as the National Veterans Wheelchair Games return to Richmond, where they began.

Communication Connection

The Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research at Yale University is helping scientists better understand how to repair incomplete nerve injuries and treat neuropathic pain.

Faces in the CROWD

The Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD) is focused on understanding and helping women with disabilities.

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Me Time

Caregivers don't get enough respite and don't have enough time for themselves.

Adaptive Wheelchairs

The second generation of the PerMMA wheelchair will tackle steps as well as challenging terrain.

Long Love Cars

Three disabled vets will receive new vehicles as result of PVA/Pennzoil contest that supports employment program.

DC Cabs

Paralyzed Veterans of America is part of a group working to make Washington, D.C., cabs more accessible to wheelchair users.

A Fare Ride

A fleet of brand-new wheelchair-accessible taxicabs has been approved for New York City.


Informally interacting with others can create job opportunities.

Sheltered Work

The nonprofit National Disability Rights Network says government funding isn’t doing what it should to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace.

Diploma Needed?

A high school diploma might not be the only way for people with disabilities to prove they’re qualified for a job.

What's More Important?

When it comes to quality of patient experiences, a study shows that as state and federal mandates are met, patients ultimately suffer.

Circulation and SCI

Wheelchair users must be informed about the dangers and symptoms of blood clots in their legs.

The Myth of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential molecule, especially for brain and spinal-cord functioning.

Scholarship Program

Scholarship program helps PVA members and their immediate family members obtain a post-secondary education.

Faster VA Claims

New forms expected to help speed the claims process.

Nonprofit Store

People with disabilities have new online resource for daily living products.

All-Star PSA

College football hero Eric LeGrand and actor John Larroquette help share the message that the 54 million Americans with disabilities have abilities.

PVA Court Win

Decision made in PVA trademark infringement lawsuit.

Life Notes

Notes of hope and love tell polio survivor's stories of growth.

A Rise and Fall

Rugby player Matt Hampson struggles to adjust to life after spinal-cord injury.


Rob Oliver's autobiography chronicles experiences and lessons learned after paralysis.

Be Happy with Nothing

Life isn’t always a bunch of roses, but then, it’s not all thorns, either.

Money a Key Topic at PVA Seminar

Finance, VA healthcare cuts, and travel benefits are major issues at annual Advocacy and Legislation Training Seminar.

Congressional Testimony

In testimony before joint Veterans' Affairs committees, PVA President Bill Lawson addresses VA funding and staffing shortages.

Do It Now!

Civilian healthcare providers are being pressed to tighten up. Veterans can't wait until they have a medical problem to establish their entitlement to treatment.

VOW To Hire Vets

The VOW to Hire Heroes Act is a comprehensive jobs package that will aggressively attack the unacceptably high rate of veterans’ unemployment.

Finding Their Footing

The 26th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic shows that adaptive sports are powerful medicine.

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